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To Dye For – Dye’s Walk Country Club

The world is made up of introverts and extroverts, social butterflies and wallflowers, performers and spectators, but the one thing we all have in common is the pull toward human connection. This is why we like to gather with others at concert venues, sporting events, church sanctuaries and coffee shops. We not only crave, but thrive on community connection.

Dye’s Walk Country Club, a Johnson County staple for more than six decades, provides that connection not only for golfers, but also for their families. In 1960, Pete and Alice Dye, who came to be known as the power couple of the golf course architecture world, traveled from their home in Carmel to Greenwood, to walk the farmland on the southwest corner of Olive Branch Road and State Road 135. Real estate developers Henry and Bill Nordsieck had plans to transform the land into a nice neighborhood and beautiful golf course. This was the Dyes’ first golf course design, and the club opened in 1961 as the El Dorado. They built the back nine, which at the time was the only nine.

“The rumor is that Pete and Alice drove sod down in their station wagon and planted it on the greens,” says Kyle Baumann, Director of Golf/General Manager at Dye’s Walk.

Through the years the name of the club has changed from the El Dorado to Royal Oak to Dye’s Walk. Prior to any name change, however, a second nine was added in the early 1970s by Indianapolis golf course architect Gary Kern. In 2007 Pete Dye, who was living in Florida at the time, came back to walk the grounds, for a potential redesign. That’s how the name Dye’s Walk was coined.

Part of the strategic planning process that started in 2014 was to provide continuity in the member experience. This initiated a $2 million capital improvement plan, which started with purchasing the corner property at the entrance. They built the Clubhouse Annex, which is essentially an adjacent clubhouse. The 5,000-square-foot building houses their golf shop, men’s and women’s locker rooms, three golf simulators, and a bar. This enables the club to provide full food and beverage dining, golf instruction, and golf leagues over the wintertime. To enhance the course experience, the club leaders also had all of the tees leveled and reconstructed the bunkers using the Better Billy Bunker system.

Dye’s Walk Country Club features several family-friendly events each year for members, including “Kid’s Day”.

They provide club fittings, playing lessons, and full swing analyzation software, in addition to several types of leagues. They have a setup of weekly courses that one plays with a partner. During January and February, they follow the PGA tour.

“We spent a lot of time and effort making sure that experience is great for all members and guests,” Baumann says.

Jeff Goben, a member of the club for more than 60 years, has enjoyed countless memories at Dye’s Walk including weddings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, class reunions, New Year’s Eve gatherings, retirement shindigs, and celebrations of life.

“My wonderful memories of this country club are numerous and I cherish every one of them,” says Goben, who earned the nickname of the Mayor by his buddies, due to his enduring membership. “The thing I love most about Dye’s Walk is the members and staff. This is where friendships are made, and great fun and fellowship is had by all.”

Dye’s Walk is the only member-owned golf course in Johnson County, and it’s a family-oriented club that’s devoted to the community. For instance, they started a group called Eagles & Birdies. It’s made up of wives and kids from the club who participate in various activities that give back to the community. In December they solicited donations, then stuffed hundreds of gift bags with games, candy, lip balm, tissues, coffee mugs, water bottles and gift cards, and dropped them off at Riley Hospital for Children.

In addition, for the last several years, Dye’s Walk has been the site for many charitable events, conducted by both members and nonmembers, which has enabled them to have an impact on families and organizations that extend throughout Johnson County and surrounding areas.

Dye’s Walk offers a full tournament schedule, with 20-plus tournaments throughout the season for men, women and juniors, including parent-child tournaments. Many golfers sign up for tournaments for the social aspect more than anything. All types of players enjoy the course, from the amateur to the seasoned and retirees that love nothing more than to spend their days socializing and playing golf with their buddies.

“Every tournament is shaped in such a way that you don’t have to be the best golfer, but you feel important for every round of golf you play,” says Brian Brames, a five-year Resident Family member. “This means that there’s an opportunity for all levels to participate, and to contribute and compete based on your handicap.”

No matter where you are in life, there’s a place for you at Dye’s Walk. They have one of the largest and most robust PGA junior leagues in the area. It offers kids aged 8 to 13 the chance to participate in five instructional clinics before moving into league-formatted play, enabling kids to play nine holes every Monday night for five weeks. The kids compete with one another in-house, and they also participate in an all-star tournament at the end of the year. Two years ago they won the regional championship.

Members also love all the social offerings at Dye’s Walk. Nearly every month, they have a ladies, men’s or couple’s social event. In addition, members can enjoy Breakfast With Santa, Breakfast With the Easter Bunny and a Halloween Bingo party.

The Clubhouse Annex is a 5,000-square-foot building houses their golf shop, men’s and women’s locker rooms, three golf simulators, and a bar.

Their restaurant offers a full menu of entrées, sandwiches, soups and salads. The swimming pool, open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, features an outdoor pergola and casual dining atmosphere, which is great if dad wants to play golf and mom wants to take the kids to the pool, or vice versa. The family can then have lunch or get changed in the locker rooms and attend a social event in the evening.

Dye’s Walk Country Club offers memberships for Resident Single, Resident Family, and Junior Executive (40 years or younger). If a spouse joins as a Resident Single, their family still has access to the restaurant. Also, if a spouse doesn’t golf, he or she can still participate in the social events. The Resident Family membership (the most popular) includes everything – bar, restaurant, pool, and as much golf as you want.

Shannon Johnson and her husband, Scott, who joined Dye’s Walk 15 years ago, treasure the special moments they’ve shared within this golf community.

“We’ve improved our golf games, enjoyed great experiences and met really wonderful people,” says Johnson. “The people we’ve met through this membership are some of our dearest friends that we will cherish for a lifetime.”

Just as Pete Dye walked the grounds years ago, many have followed after him, with more to come. Dye’s Walk continues to help develop these valued human connections. Although in the past decade technology has become king and people are often glued to their devices, we still long to commune with nature, breathe fresh air, indulge in a round of golf, and socialize with friends.

Come check out Dye’s Walk – where the legend began.

Dye’s Walk Country Club is located at 2080 South State Road 135 in Greenwood. For more info and membership details, contact Kyle Baumann at 317-535-8635 or Also visit

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  1. Doug Peters says:

    Dyes Walk is not the first course designed by Pete Dye. He does not claim it but Sahm Golf Course is the first
    He says that Alice Dye is the designer but not really.

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