Hickory Stick Golf Club is located at 4422 Thompson Boulevard in Greenwood. For more information or to learn more about upcoming events, call 317-422-8300 or visit havenhickorystick.com.

Fairways, Food and Fun

Hickory Stick Golf Club is an Irish-links-style course that’s been around for years. The Hickory Stick neighborhood was developed in 2004 as part of a planned urban development located in the heart of the community. Complete with a high-end custom-homes section, an empty-nester section and a garden-home section, Hickory Stick Golf Club sits in the middle of the community.

In March 2022, when rumors began circulating that the neighborhood might be sold to a land developer, five men (three of whom lived in the Hickory Stick neighborhood) decided to purchase the property to ensure that the golf course would remain intact. Tyler Keller, Roger Underwood, Todd Kuebel, Dick Buergler and Peter Szostak shared the same mission – to make improvements to the golf course while also finding ways to build stronger ties with the community.

“Honestly, buying a golf course was never on a list of things any of us planned to do,” says Keller. “But when the opportunity arose, we thought it was an incredible chance to continue that legacy of what Hickory Stick Golf Course has been, while also providing a new vision and energy.”

When they acquired Hickory Stick Golf Club, building out the food and beverage platform was always a part of their vision, as they knew doing so would add immediate value. In trying to come up with a name for their full-service restaurant, they workshopped several different possibilities. Ultimately, they decided on The Haven, as it tied into their Irish lifestyle brand and fit well with their overall image and decor.

In addition to building the Haven, they remodeled the clubhouse and golfer’s lounge, and invited back Tim Liddy, the original golf course architect, to develop a master plan for improvements to the course. Execution of his plan will restore areas to their original pristine conditions to improve the playability of the course. Restoration has already been completed on holes #1 and #18 and more are planned for the future.

A fleet of brand-new E-Z-Go GPS golf carts has been acquired which enables the restaurant to supply food and beverage to guests.

Open for lunch and dinner to the public, the Haven offers a wide variety of delicious meals, including the Coffee Chili Rubbed Delmonico, a 12-ounce steak, and the Indiana Pork Tenderloin.

“The tenderloin is the best I’ve ever tasted, and that’s a strong statement coming from Indiana,” says Keller. “Our head chef, Willie, does an incredible job with the menu.”

According to Keller, feedback from the public has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We have an outstanding managing partner and staff with The Haven that have been world-class and extremely fun to work with,” says Keller. “That’s where it started for us – great people, great food, great service.”

During golf season, The Haven is open daily for lunch and dinner. Patio seating enables guests to enjoy tasty cuisine while taking in excellent views of the golf course. The Haven will also offer carry-out service. Plus, some items will be available for breakfast for golfers with an early tee time.

Hickory Stick will be rolling out some new and exciting social events this year. In addition to night golf, couples golf and nonmember golfing nights, they will offer unique food and beverage events for both golfers and non-golfers. It’s something Keller thinks the Center Grove community will love, since Center Grove is filled with passionate people who embrace sports, like to socialize and are always up for a good time.

“There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening around here, and the momentum is building,” says Keller. “The same is true of the golf community as the sport has taken on a new energy since COVID. Now, with some of the opportunities that exist, folks can engage in a golf course and not have to be good golfers.”

Keller says the Hickory Stick team is thrilled to be able to play a bigger part in enhancing both the golf and off-course experiences on this side of town.

“There are so many ways to engage the social golfer and make it an awesome experience,” he says. “In comparison to the private country club or the traditional country club model, we want to take a new-age look at what this could be, and have the fun factors for all people. We’re really excited for the 2024 season.”

Hickory Stick will present Community Day on April 27, 2024. Open to golfers and non-golfers alike, this event promises fun-filled activities for the whole family, including golf activities, dining specials at The Haven, and much more.

Hickory Stick Golf Club is located at 4422 Thompson Boulevard in Greenwood. For more information or to learn more about upcoming events, call 317-422-8300 or visit havenhickorystick.com.

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