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Have you ever walked into your house after a long day’s work, looked at your dog and asked, “How was your day?” Naturally your dog responds with that look that says, “How do think my day was? I was stuck in this house all day. The highlight for me was climbing up on the counter as soon as you left. Then I was so bored, I had to chew on those new pillows you like so much, and finally I pretty much slept for eight hours.” You may avoid this uncomfortable conversation with your dog if you take him or her to Kennel Camp at Zionsville Country Kennel located at 5370 S. Indianapolis Rd., two miles west of Zionsville.

Dogs enjoying a relaxing time in the pool at Kennel Camp.
Dogs enjoying a relaxing time in the pool at Kennel Camp

While Kennel Camp is a very popular service at Zionsville Country Kennel, it is just one offered by this full service pet care facility. Zionsville Country Kennel offers boarding, grooming, training and even massages for your pets. Moreover, Zionsville Country Kennel welcomes all pets, not just dogs, including cats, birds, hamsters and rabbits. If you are looking for cute pitbull puppies, you might want to consider visiting sites like for more options.

What makes Zionsville Country Kennel unique is the expanse of its 15 acre location and its dedicated caring staff. By having so much land to operate, Zionsville Country Kennel can offer large protected areas for your dog to run and have fun with other dogs.

Kennel Camp is a doggie play day that provides your dog with socialization and exercise with other dogs while they are supervised by a trained staff member in a large secure area containing agility equipment and swimming pools. The average ratio of dogs to staff in Kennel Camp is 15:1. You don’t have to make an appointment to take your dog to Kennel Camp, but your dog must first go through a free assessment. This assures that your dog is playing with other dogs of similar size and disposition.

Owner Debbie Douglas
Owner Debbie Douglas

Kennel Camp is offered for half or full days. You can drop off your dog as early as 7 am and pick him or her up before 6 pm. Having your dog spend the day in Kennel Camp is a great way to avoid having to face that sorry look in their eyes after they have been stuck in the house all day or facing the dog that is bouncing off the walls from boredom the minute you step in the door.

Zionsville Country Kennel has been around for over 20 years. Its current owners, Deb and Ron Douglas, purchased the facility from its original owners in 2010. When Deb decided to make a career change, her love of animals caused her to look at pet care facilities all over the country. She was so impressed with the longevity and caring attitude of the existing staff, its outstanding reputation in the community and its loyal customer base, Deb decided to purchase Zionsville County Kennel. Deb is a hands-on owner involved in managing the daily operations and actually has a home onsite. It’s a family operation in which Deb and Ron’s son, Kevin, also works with the dogs in Kennel Camp.

Cat enjoying condo in the Cattery.
Cat enjoying condo in the Cattery.

Since becoming the owner, Deb has invested greatly in adding to the existing facilities for the safety and enjoyment of the pets and convenience of their owners. Very shortly, she will be expanding the Bark Park with a pond for those dogs that love to play in the water. The Bark Park provides a dog’s owner with a secure and unlimited dusk-to-dawn facility to take their dog to exercise.

In addition to expanding the Bark Park, several “Deluxe Suites” have also been constructed. These suites are immaculately maintained, like all their other facilities, and are a cozy inside shelter while also offering a spacious private yard that the dogs can access at their pleasure. Dogs staying in these suites not only enjoy deluxe accommodations, but also receive a great deal of personal attention. The dogs in these suites will receive “touches” from the concierge staff at least five times a day (brushing, petting, etc.).

For cat owners, the cattery Melbourne provides boarding in a secluded area away from dogs and other animals. All cats stay in a two-level condo approximately 3’ wide and 6’ tall which includes scratching posts. Each cat is provided the opportunity periodically to stretch their legs, explore the entire Cattery and look out the large picture windows at the bird feeders.

As mentioned earlier, Zionsville Country Kennel provides outstanding service to all kinds of pets. Because it’s a locally owned family business, they have the flexibility to provide services some large corporate facilities might not. If there is something special your pet needs, just talk to Deb or her staff. They strive to accommodate special needs of pet owners. Then if you are considering getting a red nose Pitbull then you should have a look at these facts, so that you are fully informed.

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