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CrossFit Lupos


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New CrossFit Lupos Offers Programs For Beginners to Pros

Writer / Renee Larr
Photographer / Walker Photography 

CrossFit LuposWhen Chris Impagliazzo was visiting family in McCordsville in November of 2021, he occasionally stopped in at the Body Evolution CrossFit gym to work out while in town. The owner mentioned the gym would be closing soon. Impagliazzo returned home to Tampa, Florida, where he owned his own CrossFit gym. 

I got to thinking about it and discussing the opportunity with my wife to purchase the gym in Fishers and move to Indiana,” Impagliazzo says. It was a great time in the market to sell our house in Tampa, so within six months we had moved.” 

Impagliazzo finalized the purchase of the gym in May. Since then, hes changed the name to CrossFit Lupos. In Latin, “lupos” means “wolf pack,” and Impagliazzo says the pack mentality is part of the gyms mission and vision. 

The space is one of the larger CrossFit gyms in the area, and calls it the Mercedes-Benz of CrossFit gyms. The gym includes a lounge area, office space, small retail area, and chiropractic office. CrossFit Lupos offers programs for adults and children ages 7-17, from beginner to pro. 

A sense of family and belonging is a big part of Impagliazzos vision for the business. He hosts movie nights in the lounge for members to enjoy. He also says many of his clients have children who are welcome in the gym while their parents work out. 

We dont have child care yet, but its something were looking into,” Impagliazzo says. Whats unique to our gym is our community. If youre busy doing your workout, other parents are here to lend a helping hand.”

CrossFit LuposFor those who might be intimidated by the idea of CrossFit, Impagliazzo offers a ladies-only Happy Hour class. He says it’s a fitness class for beginners, catered toward professional women and working moms. 

Impagliazzo says the best thing about CrossFit is the individualized coaching and attention each member receives. He teaches seven functional human movements including squatting, hinging, lunging, pushing, pulling, rotating and gait (running/walking). The gym also provides nutritional counseling and in-house chiropractic care.

We use the term scaling to describe modifying the workout for someone who might not be able to do each exercise,” Impagliazzo says. There are ways to modify every movement the client performs, and a coach there to assist. We keep the classes small enough so our coaches can provide one-on-one attention.” 

CrossFit LuposCrossFit is heavily invested in the lives of veterans. Impagliazzo served as an aviation maintenance technician in the United States Coast Guard. Impagliazzo worked on and flew in helicopters. While he retired in 2021, Impagliazzo says his time in the Coast Guard heavily influenced how he runs his business.

I think the nine years I spent in the Coast Guard taught me a lot about discipline, which is important for health and wellness overall, personally and for business,” Impagliazzo says. More so than that, the helicopter rescue swimmer training I did was some of the hardest physical training a human can do. There is no problem or hurdle within the business I cant overcome after going through that training.”

CrossFit Lupos is located at 10430 Olio Rd. in Fishers, IN. For more information, call 317-712-1414 or visit them online at crossfitlupos.com. 

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