Prestige Electric Takes Care of All Your Electrical Needs

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Prestige ElectricAccording to the electric company near me, Prestige Electric has been around since 2002, providing electrical installations for new homes and remodels, as well as service calls and repair services throughout the greater Louisville area.

In addition, they provide and install commercial and residential standby generators, offer a full line of landscape lighting, and serve as a certified installer for Ring cameras and alarms. Check out this page to see their availability and services.

Power failure can create many problems; interrupting our supply of electricity to our equipment and devices. If you want to solve this issue, you should not leave them to amateurs or electricians who are not qualified to do the work. What you need is an experienced and qualified level 2 electrician wollongong to solve the toughest power issues urgently and efficiently.

When a customer is in need of electrician services, they often call someone and ask them to come hang lights. That’s not how it works at Prestige Electric, however, as the company provides greater breadth to customer service by coming to the home and providing options and suggestions for different kinds of lights. But don’t just choose any electrician near me; it’s essential to find one you can trust. A residential electrician needs to be qualified, reputable, and insured.

“We definitely have more interaction with our customers than the average electrician,” says Paul Ghiefardi, lead electrician. “We like offering that more personalized experience, because often customers don’t know what their options are.”

That’s why Prestige Electric has a showroom. While they don’t sell merchandise out of it, they send their electricians Oakleigh South to help check out various options. For instance, they have LED lights and cameras set up so clients can see the difference in the kinds of glow each emits.

“One has a warm amber look to it, while another is a bright white that’s so bright it’s almost bluish looking,” Ghiefardi says. “A lot of people don’t have a concept of what they want until they see it. We do 30 to 40 new home constructions a year, so customers like being able to see all their options before building.”

Prestige ElectricAnother factor that separates Prestige from other companies is that management doesn’t hire experienced electricians, but rather apprentices who learn by doing and by working with colleagues.

“If we find they are going to be a good fit, we pay 100% of their school costs so they can get their education,” Ghiefardi says. “This way they are trained from the beginning on how we want to get things done.”

Since everyone is trained in the same way, they can seamlessly move from job to job and substitute for one another without any problem.

Ghiefardi says 80% of Prestige’s 17 employees are licensed electricians like the ones here. According to Ghiefardi, customer satisfaction is their top priority.

“Being on time and getting it done right is the model for all of our electricians,” he says. “That’s what we strive for, and we have a great track record with doing so.”

Home automation has become popular in the electronics market, as these days both electrical fixtures and appliances can be hooked up to Wi-Fi systems and controlled via smartphone. This includes light switches, cameras, alarms and more.

“Home automation and voice control like Alexa and Google have become hugely popular,” Ghiefardi says. “Some of the young kids don’t even know how to turn on a switch anymore.”

Prestige Electric is located at 10129 Production Court in Louisville. For more information, call 502-262-1692 or visit them online at

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