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Business Spotlight: KP Designs / Decorating Den Interiors

Kristen Pawlak of KP Designs / Decorating Den Interiors has more than 20 years of professional decorating experience, but her love for design extends back even further. This love inspired her to leave a career in marketing and pursue design full time.

“It got to a point where I was waiting in a lobby to present marketing research to clients, and I was far more interested in how the space was designed,” she says. “Decorating has always been in my blood.”

Pawlak opened a franchise of Decorating Den Interiors, a robust boutique design firm, and has been beautifying residential and commercial spaces in Louisville ever since. Her core team is rounded out by Office Manager Nancy Reilly Bamforth and Junior Designer Nancy Gillespie, EPS, as well as several design interns throughout the year.

KP Designs / Decorating Den Interiors offers full-service design with an in-studio contractor who happens to be Pawlak’s husband Ralph, owner of RK Renovations.

“Having a contractor really allows us to be turnkey for our clients to do any kind of construction projects that are needed to truly transform a space,” Pawlak says. “In addition, we have an extended team of installers, trade professionals and craftsmen we see weekly.”

Their connections and versatility allow the design team to specialize in anything and everything related to interior design.

“We can design every room in the house, and we even do outdoor spaces,” Pawlak says. “We can do as little as one wall or as much as an entire home including the outdoor area.”

When working with clients, Pawlak and her team provide a highly personalized experience so the outcome is truly reflective of the client’s needs and personality.

“People always ask what our style is as a firm, but it’s really all about showcasing the client’s style,” Pawlak says. “We definitely stay on trend and have a good understanding of what people love, and the looks they’re seeing and liking, but we don’t carry a particular style. We use the client’s style, and if they don’t feel they have one, we pull it out of them, one way or another.”

This design approach ensures clients will end up with a space they’re comfortable in and will love for years to come. As part of the Decorating Den Interiors network, Pawlak and her team have a huge variety of preferred supplies they can access.

“Our designs are as different as our clients are” Pawlak says.

While some firms focus on very specific aspects of the design process — such as furnishings or window treatments — KP Designs / Decorating Den Interiors offers virtually every service needed for a complete transformation.

Pawlak has a design studio in Lyndon, but she and her team like to go to the client’s home or business first. It’s important for them to get a feel for the space to be redone.

Working with a designer may seem intimidating, but Pawlak is quick to share the benefits.

“We offer a real value to people in that we can save them a whole lot of time, headaches and often money for making costly mistakes,” Pawlak says.

Designers can help keep track of the big picture, as well as the small details of any project. Pawlak and her team also have a lot of experience working with clients who have never previously worked with a designer.

“We’re professionals who do this day in and day out,” Pawlak says. “It’s what we do, and it’s enjoyable, but we’re really skilled at it. Instead of struggling with a project, call in a designer.”

The KP Designs / Decorating Den Interiors staff truly love their jobs and especially enjoy working with clients to create their dream space.

“Without a doubt, my favorite part of the job is the client’s excitement throughout the whole process,” Pawlak says. “When we’re finalizing a design we’re probably as excited as the client is to see it in place.”

Reveals of newly remodeled spaces are fun for Pawlak whether it’s for a small project or a full home makeover.

“We know what the space is going to look like when it’s done, but the client doesn’t always have a clear vision of the space until everything is in place,” she says.

Design can be hard work and present many challenges, but the KP Designs / Decorating Den Interiors team makes it enjoyable.

“A day doesn’t go by when this isn’t a very fun business, and I love it,” Pawlak says.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Pawlak and her team, visit KristenPawlak.DecoratingDen.com or call 502-245-0052.

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