Greenberg LASIK Is a Premier Option for Lasik Eye Surgery

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Greenberg LASIK

Eyesight is a beautiful thing, but when we start to have issues with our vision, the thought of having a doctor operate on us can be scary. Dr. Jason Greenberg, eye surgeon and owner of Greenberg LASIK, knows this well.

“Everybody is nervous about getting corrective vision surgery,” he says. “They think, ‘I only have one set of eyes. I don’t want to go blind.’ I think people don’t understand what exactly LASIK is, how easy it is, and that complications are really very low.”

The rate of complications from LASIK eye surgery is estimated to be well below 1%, putting LASIK among the safest and most convenient elective surgical procedures available today to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

In the last two decades, Dr. Greenberg has treated more than 83,000 eyes. The procedure is quick and painless, taking only about 10 minutes. Many notice a difference in their vision immediately following the procedure. By the following day they are seeing 20/20. Dr. Greenberg had the procedure himself 25 years ago and has had 20/20 vision ever since.

Dr. Greenberg comes from a long line of eye-care professionals. His parents and maternal grandparents were optometrists, and his great uncle was an ophthalmologist. Now he’s carrying on the tradition, and his two stepdaughters work with him at Greenberg LASIK.

As for Dr. Greenberg, he couldn’t be happier to fulfill his calling. 

Greenberg LASIK

“I’ve always loved doing surgery, and I dreamed of having my own practice,” says Dr. Greenberg, who worked at LasikPlus for 17 years before opening Greenberg LASIK in October of 2020 in Louisville and Indianapolis. Dr. Greenberg, the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the region, is so good at what he does because LASIK is all he does.

“It’s my specialty,” he says. “In medicine, any time you can find a place where the doctor specializes in one specific thing, that’s where you’ll get the best care for that service. When all you do is LASIK, your staff is focused on it and nothing slips through the cracks.”

Dr. Greenberg gets his patients scheduled quickly so they don’t have to wait, and he provides the best in personal service. 

Greenberg LASIK offers free consultations to help patients determine if LASIK is a viable option for them. Ninety percent of the time, people are good candidates for the procedure, which reshapes the cornea to correct refraction, thereby relieving the need for glasses and contact lenses. LASIK is also more affordable than one may think. Greenberg LASIK offers a low-price guarantee, so should you find a lower price elsewhere, they promise to beat it by $100. In addition, they offer financing options.

When it comes to technology, the staff uses the most advanced laser technology available in the field. 

“If you find somebody who has the most experience, with the best technology, at the lowest price, what more can you ask for?”
Dr. Greenberg says.

Greenberg LASIK is located at 4040 Dutchmans Lane in Louisville. For more information, call 855-313-2020 or visit them online at

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