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Crosshair Media Placement“Wow, we’re everywhere!” one happy Crosshair Media Placement (CMP) client exclaimed. 

“As a marketer, that’s what we want to hear,” says James Reed, CMP president.

“Being everywhere” is really about being in the right places at the right time to reach your target audience.

At CMP, an advertising agency headquartered in Louisville, effective advertising campaigns start with research and a deep understanding of where the client’s audience consumes media. 

“We prioritize and dominate, meaning we invest in digital, television, print, outdoor and other media based on research to develop a targeted strategy and placement that gives the perception that our clients’ messages are everywhere their specific audience is consuming media,” Reed says.

This approach exemplifies CMP’s philosophy of serving as good stewards of their clients’ advertising budgets.

Andi Ramser, an advertising industry veteran and vice president of CMP, is passionate about partnering with clients to ensure the right media mix and placement. 

“Sometimes people see the next new shiny object and they want to direct their advertising towards it, but that’s not always the best option,” Ramser says. “We care about our clients and want to make sure they’re getting the most out of their advertising budgets. We invest our clients’ advertising dollars as if they’re our own.”

That’s why CMP has also bucked the traditional ad agency model of charging hefty retainers to engage in business with the firm. Reed says in his more than 20 years in the advertising business, he has seen businesses spend as much as 40% of their advertising budgets on agency retainers and fees, and saw this as a huge opportunity to bring change to the industry for the good of his clients.

Another difference is Reed and Ramser’s personal dedication to their clients’ success. All initial media planning, negotiating and buying strategy is handled by the seasoned advertising executives, and not delegated down. An initial media evaluation with the CMP team starts with an analysis of the client’s goals and objectives along with the audience and industry demographics to determine the effectiveness of their current tactics, as well as establishment of a comprehensive plan going forward. 

Crosshair Media Placement“We identify the tactics and tools that we determine are effective based on their goals as well as things we would change,” Reed says. “In some cases, we need to look at doing a complete overhaul of what they’ve been doing. Other times it’s minor tweaks that make a major difference in overall effectiveness.”

This is where CMP shines. Having a detailed, trackable road map is crucial for clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Successful outcomes and trusted partnerships are reasons CMP has many longtime successful clients across Kentuckiana and the U.S., and continues to grow.

Another vital member of the Crosshair management team is Stephanie Gumer. She is the director of media relations and has nearly 20 years of marketing experience.

“Our clients are wonderful,” Gumer says. “Having the ability to work with them so closely on marketing their business is very rewarding. That’s why we enjoy long-term relationships with each one.”  

“Clients look to us as a resource,” Reed adds. “We make their lives better and their jobs easier, and want them to be successful.”

Crosshair Media Placement is located at 9300 Shelbyville Road, Suite 915 in Louisville. For more information call 502-290-1299 or visit them online at

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