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Westfield High School Students Promote Face Masks

A group of students at Westfield High School are promoting COVID-related mask wearing among classmates to facilitate increased fall and winter school activities. 

Senior Ellary Detamore believes it’s worth the effort. 

“There are five of us seniors who all just want to have a senior year,” Detamore says. “We want to be in school, and be able to have normal school activities. Losing the last little bit of our junior year, we missed out on a lot, but we saw the seniors who missed out on their graduation and prom. We want to make sure we can still have special events like this.” 

Detamore says the student group has been working hard to promote mask wearing. 

“We are going to make a video promoting what our mission is involving masks and staying in school,” Detamore says. “Our idea is to get each sport and club to film a short clip practicing actions that will keep us in school. We want to start a ‘We Want a Season’ campaign with all the other Hamilton County schools, mostly pertaining to winter sports. In addition, we will put banners around the school. Lastly, we are planning on doing a social media takeover for the Health Department that will show what daily precautions look like during school, and at after-school activities.”

Detamore hopes the efforts will be highly effective. 

“I am pretty confident that these projects will be well received,” Detamore says. “Of course, students and people are tired of wearing masks and having restrictions. However, we want to just encourage students to keep up the amazing efforts that they have already done. We don’t want it to sound preachy, or like it is coming from adults. If the message is coming from students, then I think people will be more open to listening.”

Detamore is involved in a many school activities.

“I play volleyball for Westfield, along with three other seniors,” Detamore says. “Our team has not had to quarantine, or been affected by many coronavirus-related things. This is pretty remarkable for a fall sport. We are so fortunate to have had a volleyball season this fall. Also, I have been to many soccer games, football games and club meetings. Most of these events are still a lot of fun and seem somewhat normal. At football games, the student section has to wear masks and social distance. The stands are still pretty full and students enjoy going.” 

Senior Benjamin Welch, a member of the group, is proud of what they’re working on.

“Students can see the importance of this because their peers and classmates are taking it seriously as well,” he says.

Welch has been doing his part to promote masks.

“I’m encouraging my freshman mentor class to be serious about the masks, and holding friends or peers accountable to this standard,” he says.

Writer  /  Matt Keating
Photography Provided  

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