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ThriveFit Offers Free Series of Classes In Westfield

Photographer: Amy Payne

Communities often support campaigns to “Shop Local” and “Eat Local.” Now, the City of Westfield is also encouraging residents to “Sweat Local.”

In cooperation with local Westfield gym ThriveFit, the City of Westfield is offering free classes to get residents to #BeSocialSweatLocal.

The series of classes first started when the city installed a new rubber-cushioned Fitness Court at Asa Bales Park in partnership with the National Fitness Campaign, which is an organization that has been working since 1979 to help people across the country live healthier lifestyles by partnering with schools and communities to convert public spaces into community fitness hubs, according to nationalfitnesscampaign.com. The modern Fitness Court installed at Asa Bales Park is a bodyweight circuit training system designed for adults of all ages and abilities, and it helps users learn seven movements in seven minutes that can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Angie Smitherman, director of community events and engagement for the City of Westfield, asked ThriveFit Owner Darin Moon and other members of the ThriveFit community to help demonstrate how to use the new Fitness Court. From there, the sweat local events have continued and occur not only at the Fitness Court in Asa Bales Park but at other locations in Westfield, as well.

“Our mission is to build healthy bodies in a thriving community, so we really wanted to be part of that and help people get healthy,” Moon says. “Come try it out. It’s free fun, and it’s a great opportunity to meet people in the Westfield community, as well.”

Moon and other trainers from ThriveFit have not only helped demonstrate and train community members how to use the Fitness Court, but they have also held other sweat local events, including several at Quaker Park for women only and even a women’s event at the ThriveFit facility where women could work out, enjoy a glass of wine and shop a variety of local vendors.

Moon first became interested in fitness as a cheerleader at Lakeview Christian School in Marion, Ind. and also for Indiana Wesleyan University. After college he worked in sales but eventually achieved his dream of running his own gym. ThriveFit started as a CrossFit gym but has evolved to include other fitness programs as well and even classes for kids and women who are recovering after pregnancy.

It’s not surprising that Moon would agree to offer free classes to the Westfield community because “community” is something he also strives for at his gym. Moon really tries to serve each athlete as an individual, modify exercises to meet needs and help everyone to feel accepted and part of the group. ThriveFit also holds events like Paleo pitch-ins to bring athletes together.

“It’s about intentional community,” he says. “We push trying to get to know the person and get them involved.”

Moon says he hopes to continue to offer free sweat local classes to the public to help create that same sense of community in Westfield.

For more information on Sweat Local events, check the City of Westfield website, westfield.in.gov, or follow the City of Westfield or ThriveFit on social media. ThriveFit is located at 17406 Tiller Court St. #1000 or visit them online at thrive.fit.

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