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Westfield Shop Offers Wide Range of Brands, One-of-a-Kind Atmosphere 

Photography Provided

Bash BoutiqueSimple, sincere, and sweet – that’s the philosophy behind Bash Boutique on East Main Street in Westfield. Within the store’s calm atmosphere, customers feel free to peacefully discover what they truly love from the facility’s trendy yet timeless offerings of stylish clothing, accessories and gifts. Owner Amber Noone is dedicated to providing quality service to all who enter the boutique.

“We really focus on customer service because each and every one of our ladies that works at Bash loves helping women look and feel their best,” Noone says. “When they leave, customers are really appreciative of the help that they have received at our store. Our ladies love helping men as well, and at the holidays we wrap the gifts for them to make it easier for them. That is the real joy that comes with owning a retail store.”

Noone has always loved fashion, but owning a boutique is something fairly new to her. She owned coffee shops in the past, but her career focus was previously in sales. While traveling around Indiana, she enjoyed visiting various boutiques and developed the idea of starting her own.

The name Bash Boutique is a nod to Wabash, the shop’s original location. After six successful years, Noone closed her Wabash store in order to concentrate on her Westfield shop and its sister boutique in Noblesville.

“I love Westfield because it still has a small community feel, and a lot of our gals know each other when they are in the store,” Noone says. “I saw the growth in Westfield, and I wanted to be a part of the growth and excitement that Westfield has to offer. Also, I live in Westfield now, and I have enjoyed seeing the unique restaurants and shops coming into the area.”

Noone says Westfield was the perfect location to open her own store.

“Five years ago when I opened in Westfield, it didn’t have many boutiques,” she says. “I purchased a house on Walnut that needed major renovations, and I was there for two-and-a-half years. When the space came open at 110 East Main Street, I felt like that would be better exposure for us.” 

The boutique carries brands that are classy, unique and sophisticated. Many of the store’s pieces can be dressed up or down, and are versatile enough to be worn at the office or at an evening event. Brands at the store include Liverpool, Kut from the Kloth, Fifteen Twenty, Tart, Joseph Ribkoff, Z SUPPLY, Ambre Blends and more. Noone was able to secure these sought-after lines as suppliers saw her boutiques as viable, thriving businesses.

“We special order as much as we can for customers,” Noone says. “If they see something they love but we don’t have their size, then we will try to order it if possible. We do offer private appointments after hours as well.” 

Bash BoutiqueBash Boutique holds several special events and promotions throughout the year. Each January, and again in the fall, the shop sponsors a Clean Your Closet event. Women donate their gently-used clothing, handbags and jewelry in exchange for coupons that are redeemable at the store. The donated goods are given to Dress for Success, a local nonprofit organization that provides professional attire to low-income women who are in the process of interviewing for jobs. Several days per year, Bash donates a portion of its sales in a given day to local charities.

Private shopping parties held at the shop have become very popular. The boutique is typically closed for two hours for each party, and a designated hostess invites her friends. Discounts and treats are given, and the ladies have fun picking outfits out for each other.

This March and September, the boutique will conduct Liverpool brand try-on events. When a customer tries on Liverpool jeans, jackets, shirts or trousers, they will be entered into a drawing. Several pairs of jeans will then be given away at each store.

“We strive to offer quality to our customers,” Noone says. “The best thing we can hear from a customer is that the item they purchased from our store has become one of their favorite pieces in their closet. I love fashion, but I have always been very interested in building authentic relationships with woman and others just as much. We do have many loyal customers because I think they enjoy our environment, and they trust that we really want to help them look their best. We know that if the customer looks great in what they purchase in our store, they are likely to return and tell their friends.” 

Visit Bash Boutique at 110 East Main Street in Westfield. For more info, call 317-867-1490 and visit bashboutique.net.

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