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Hope Jewelers Continues a Local Legacy 

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
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Hope JewelersLocal Tipton entrepreneur, Hope Randall, continues the core principles and goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations purchasing jewelry and repair of jewelry and watches. She will do this by maintaining the Moser guiding principle. “We Do IT Right…In the Store!”

Years ago, Randall started work at the Walmart jewelry counter in Lafayette.

“I was a hard worker and a single mom,” says Randall, who quickly took a shine to her job. One day the jeweler who picked up items for repair suggested Randall apply to work at a mall jewelry store. She followed his advice and was hired at Kay Jewelers. 

“That allowed me to educate myself through the programs they had available,” says Randall, who got certified through the Gemological Institute of America and Diamond Council of America. She then worked her way up the ladder at Kay’s, going from part-time sales associate to assistant manager. She spent several years at Kay Jewelers of Lafayette, IN as well at an Independent Jeweler, Roth Bros of Monticello, IN where she gained skills and expertise in the industry prior to moving back to Tipton to live near family.

One day in 2019 she went into Moser Jewelers to ask the owners, John and Beth Moser, for a job. They hired her and welcomed her with open arms. 

“I remember when I interviewed with them, I told them that if this works out I’d love to be here forever,” Randall says. 

The Mosers appreciated Randall’s passion because it was one they shared. John had grown up in the jewelry industry, having worked with his parents at the store they had in Elwood. In 2000 John and Beth built a second store in Tipton where they employed Angie Murray, who was with them for 40-plus years. The Mosers closed the Elwood location in 2016.

Hope JewelersSadly, Beth passed away in January of 2022. John wanted to continue the tradition that his parents had started in the 1970s so he asked Randall if she would be interested in purchasing the store. She happily accepted and officially took over the store in May of 2022, changing the name to Hope Jewelers. 

“I’m not a Moser but I’m grateful and humbled by the opportunity, and feel privileged to be able to continue on what they put in place,” Randall says. “It is business as usual. I’m just adding our own little unique touches and modern kinds of flairs.”

Randall is grateful that of all the places the Mosers could have chosen to open a second store, they chose Tipton.

“John and Beth could have had a store built anywhere, but Tipton had a lot of loyal customers,” says Randall, who values the implicit trust her customers have in her. “I could be at the grocery store or out on a walk and my customers will literally want to hand me their jewelry and say, ‘This needs fixed. Can you take it to your shop, repair it and bring it back to me?’ They are willing to hand over their most treasured items.”

Hope Jewelers specializes in jewelry and watch sales and repair. They also carry a huge selection of fine jewelry including diamonds and sterling silver. But they also sell $6 batteries and also honor Moser’s free batteries in all Moser Jewelers watches. 

“The sky’s the limit,” she says. “We have something for everyone. I like to call Hope Jewelers Tipton’s best hidden gem.”

Although Randall was born in Noblesville, she grew up in the surrounding areas of Kokomo and attended Western. She also has family here so Tipton feels like home.

“Tipton is just a wonderful community,” she says. “It’s like stepping back in time. People talk to each other in the middle of the road. It’s a constant reunion.”

Because she loves the community so much, she tries to support it in any way she can by donating to local programs, schools, businesses and charity fundraisers. Every year they put out Christmas flyers. On the back of each flyer is a $10 item available for purchase – perhaps a cute pair of earrings or a bracelet. She gives proceeds for these items to the community food pantry.

“It’s a way to help brighten the holiday season for those in need,” Randall says. 

Throughout the year, however, Randall lives to brighten up the lives of those around her. She has had people break down in happy tears when they see a cherished piece of jewelry restored to its original glory.

“When you can put a smile on somebody’s face and make their day, that’s the best feeling,” says Randall, who likens what she does to restoring vintage cars. “If you take good care of a nice classic car, you can keep it in the family for generations and the memories that it contains. The same is true of jewelry.” 

As a bonus, you don’t need a garage to store it.

Hope JewelersIn her free time, Randall likes to hike, camp, fish, garden, bike ride and sit by campfires. She also enjoys baking, shopping with her daughter Nya, and attending live music at the park with ice cream to follow. 

“Nya and I are also huge foodies,” Randall says. “We’ll try just about any restaurant.”

Randall is proud to not only honor Beth’s memory but also continue in the field as it’s becoming a lost art. 

“I was able to continue the legacy and hopefully pay it forward because of the encouragement I received from her,” Randall says. “She was one of the most positive role models, and I am so incredibly grateful I had the privilege to know and look up to her. For such a tiny woman she left some pretty big shoes to fill. 

“Not a lot of people are dedicating their time to this trade,” she adds. “It’s something we’ll lose if we don’t invest in it and take the time to learn from the people who built the business. I want to leave a legacy for the next gal to take over.”

Hope Jewelers is located at 135 East Jefferson Street in Tipton. For more information, call 765-675-9720 or visit hopejewelerstipton.com.

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