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Cathy Hunnicutt of RE/MAX Relishes the Residential Real Estate Biz

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Spring is a popular season in the world of real estate, so if you’re thinking of selling your home, now is a great time to call Cathy Hunnicutt, a realtor at RE/MAX in Kokomo. As one of the leading real estate agencies in residential listings, Hunnicutt and


RE/MAX are committed to informative, innovative and ethical real estate services.

“I truly love what I do,” Hunnicutt says. “I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them and delivering quality service.”

Hunnicutt, who grew up in Converse, Indiana, and graduated from Ball State University and Indiana Wesleyan University, has been a real estate agent since the summer of 2015. She was the RE/MAX Rookie of the Year in 2018 and received the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award in 2021.

“Although I have had several jobs during my life, I am fortunate to have been employed as a legal assistant for UAW-GM Legal Services and World Gospel Mission in the areas of real estate, estates, trusts and wills for many years,” she says. “I have found that my education and prior work experience has been extremely helpful to me as a realtor.”

Hunnicutt admits the housing market is a little strange right now, having slowed just a bit from being a solid seller market to more of an equal market for both buyers and sellers. Increased interest rates have played a role, and Hunnicutt is glad to see the rates are slowly decreasing.

“Houses in our area are typically for sale a bit longer than the last few years,” she says. “When interest rates were very low, buyers were able to spend less to buy more. However, now that rates are higher, buyers are spending more to purchase less. However, some of them choose a rental property rather than buying a new home. They visit Premier Rents to choose from their properties.”

So where does a buyer start? Hunnicutt says it’s important to get pre-approved with a lender, as this serves as a roadmap for the realtor, and helps you know what you want before you start looking.

RE/MAX“The roadmap tells us whether the buyer can obtain a loan, what the maximum loan amount will be, and what type of loan the buyer is eligible for,” she says. “Then, I suggest each buyer make a list of ‘non-negotiables’ and truly give each item serious thought.”

Once that list is made, Hunnicutt will only show her client homes that fall into budget and include the non-negotiables.

“When I first began selling real estate, the challenge I most often experienced was helping people understand why we need pre-approval before looking at homes,” she says. “I began educating clients at the beginning of our time together because I want my buyers to know they are able to buy the homes we visit. I want to help my buyers at all costs. Time is a nonrenewable resource and I want to spend time with my buyers by helping them wisely find a dream home they are able to purchase.”

Hunnicutt is dedicated to helping her clients, no matter what the housing market holds for potential buyers and sellers.

“I offer quality customer service and availability to my clients,” she says. “When I’m with my clients, they have my full attention. If I’m not with them, awake, and able to answer, I do.”

Clients can also rely on Hunnicutt for her expert advice in staging, styling and repairs, prior to listing a home for sale. Decluttering a home is key before putting it on the market. Removing as many items from the walls as possible is helpful, along with washing door frames, baseboards, cabinets and windows – areas that are viewed closely during a walk-through.

“Repair minor issues like leaky faucets, loose toilet seats and damage to walls,” she says. “Repair as many holes in the walls from prior wall hangings as possible, sand, and add a fresh coat of paint. Having the floors professionally cleaned really helps as well.”

Style-wise, Hunnicutt is noticing a lot of gold-trim fixtures and accessories, and 1950s- to 1960s-style furniture, all with simplicity and convenience being popular.RE/MAX

Hunnicutt loves being able to help people in the Kokomo and Tipton area. “Promise, anticipation, and building a solid foundation with those I serve is important to me,” she says.

To start your home-buying journey, you can contact Hunnicutt at 765-618-9394 or at

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