Frank Scott, a lifelong resident of Muncie, was honored with the Spirit of Muncie Award for his outstanding community service. (Photographer / Dylan Senkus)

Frank Scott Is a Pillar of Community Service in Whitely and Beyond

Frank Scott, a lifelong resident of Muncie, is a stalwart figure in Muncie’s Whitely neighborhood and the president of their community council. Recently he was honored with the Spirit of Muncie Award for his outstanding community service.

Established in 2002 in honor of Al Rent and his support and volunteerism with the Greater Muncie Chamber of Commerce, the award honors those who seek to be role models, respected leaders and valued community volunteers with forward-thinking, positive outlooks. Scott is all of those things and more.

“This was my seventh year serving on the chamber,” Scott said. “When they told me I was nominated, I was floored. I told them I hoped that by the time I got [to the ceremony], I’d be able to shut my mouth.”

In 2010, after working at BorgWarner for 28 years, it closed, leaving him with few job options. He enrolled at Ivy Tech, where he studied human services, which changed his outlook. He began thinking more about how he could serve his community.

“I saw a need – families that were struggling,” Scott said. “I wanted to see if I could make a difference.”

Having also worked as a bail bondsman for 20 years, he said he wondered, “Instead of getting people out of jail, how about getting ahead of it and try to do something to keep people from having that experience?”

His involvement in various committees and boards, including the Greater Muncie Chamber of Commerce, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Muncie Cradle to Career, has allowed him to witness the impact of community engagement firsthand. Through initiatives like the Whitely Food Pantry, Scott and his fellow community members have demonstrated their commitment to supporting those in need.

Scott also volunteers at Longfellow Elementary and recently started a chess club for children in the neighborhood at Motivate Our Minds. Beyond teaching them the intricacies of the game, Scott uses the club as a platform to impart valuable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, decision making and emotional control.

Scott’s impact resonates deeply within the Whitely neighborhood and provides hope for the broader Muncie community – but he hesitates to take any credit.

“I’m only able to do all of these things because of the people I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with,” Scott said. “As a man of faith, all this is so much bigger than me.”

Scott attributes his strength and resilience to his faith, guiding him in every aspect of his life, including his commitment to serving others. His dedication to his family, his wife of 45 years, Sheila, and his deep desire to give back, set the stage for his remarkable contributions to the Whitely neighborhood and beyond.

Scott is excited about things to come. The Whitely Neighborhood Association embarked on a redevelopment project for the property on Centennial Avenue to benefit current and future residents of the community. The envisioned redevelopment includes a community health clinic, food pantry, business incubator space, gathering spaces, educational programs for adults and youths, and support for locally owned businesses.

He sees his involvement in community service not as a personal achievement, but rather as a collective effort fueled by the passion and commitment of everyone involved. As he continues to advocate for positive change and uplift those around him, he exemplifies the transformative power of service and compassion – and he sees Muncie’s potential.

“Muncie, like any other city, has its issues, and it’s easy to find the faults and criticize, but it’s better to connect with people who will work together to improve things,” he said. “There is so much more to our city that I wish people would explore and discover. It’ll change your concept of where we are and who we are as a city.”

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