Popular Christmas Light Display Returns to We Care Park

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Growing up, Mike Wyant was one of 16 children. While circumstances weren’t always ideal during the holiday season, he still remembers looking forward to Christmas.

“Christmas with 16 children was still Christmas, even though we maybe only got one gift,” Wyant says. “When you don’t know any better, it isn’t about gifts as far as Christmas is concerned.”

Although they didn’t have much, Wyant and his family would put up a humble Christmas tree display.

“My dad would always buy a tree,” Wyant recalls. “We’d nail two boards to it, put it up in the living room, and put some lights on it. We’d make stuff to put on it. It was an exciting time of the year for the children.”

Now decades down the line, Wyant brings joy to countless Kokomo children with his elaborate Christmas light display at We Care Park. Featured on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight” last year, We Care Park helps raise funds for We Care each year, which is a Kokomo nonprofit dedicated to helping the needy at Christmas.

Considering his upbringing, Wyant explains that We Care is a cause that’s near and dear to his heart. In fact, he’s been involved with the nonprofit since it started.

“I’ve been with this charity in Kokomo since the very first night 47 years ago,” Wyant says. “I was 27. They were on the radio in the evening, and I was listening. This guy called in and said that his kids weren’t going to have Christmas.”

Now, years later, We Care Park brings a smile to thousands of visiting children, while also raising money for the cause of We Care.

“You don’t forget where you come from,” he says. “I’ve been blessed, and this is my way to bless the community.”

Although already impressive in years past, Wyant says the 2019 installment of We Care Park will be even bigger and brighter.

“I bought the current property with this intention,” Wyant says. “It started out with 63,000 lights, and we’re way over one million lights now. As a matter of fact, we’re adding 200,000 more this year, so it’s going to be pretty neat. Trust me.”

In addition to the visual spectacle of We Care Park, Wyant also makes sure that every child who visits leaves with something special to take home.

“Every child that comes in here under the age of 12 gets a toy,” Wyant says. “We give out truckloads of toys.”

While at We Care Park, families can even pose for their yearly Christmas photo.

“We have so many opportunities out here for people to take family photos,” Wyant adds. “I have 200-year-old sleighs out there that they can get in and take photos.”

In reflecting on where he’s come from, Wyant simply cherishes that he’s able to give back to those in need today.

“It’s just such an honor to do this,” he says. “I don’t want any pats on the back — that’s not why I do it.”

We Care Park is located at 2317 N. Lafountain St. in Kokomo. You can also call them at 765-432-7444 for more information.

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