Greenwood country store is a local favorite

Writer / Hannah Jones
Photographer / Brian Brosmer

Around the corner of Madison and Euclid Avenue stands a brick building surrounded by shining pinwheels, wooden birdhouses and a sign reading, ‘Old Fashioned Candy’. Upon opening the door, you are welcomed by the smell of warm vanilla candles and old wood.

“Hello. How are you today?” A bright smile says to the right of you. It is as if you have just stopped by to visit a friend.

While walking on the old creaking wooden floor, you enjoy the sights around you. You are transported back in time when the world spun slower and the air smelled sweeter. The shop stretches into many rooms, each containing different items of country goods like home décor, candles, quilts and curtains. You may even run into one of the owners’ sweet pets.

Scott and Jackie Eanes, entrepreneurs from the west side of Indianapolis, started the business in Greenwood in 1996 called Take Root. With the support of friends and family, they launched their business by attending crafts shows and later leased a kiosk in the Greenwood Park Mall during the 1997 Mother’s Day season. Their kiosk was successful enough that they could open a store in the mall in 2001. With the extra foot traffic that the mall provided, the Eanes built up a strong customer base. While they enjoyed their shop in the mall, it lacked the homey feel they were looking for and the possibility for growth they wanted to take place.

“When the time was right, we found a location in Old Town Greenwood that was perfect for us,” Jackie says. “It had a homier feel that the mall couldn’t offer. Each step of growing was a little scary, but it almost always paid off. Growing slowly over the years, we believe, is what has kept us in business. We have grown as our customer base has grown, and they are the reason we’re still here after 21 years.”

Setting up shop in Old Town Greenwood in 2011, Scott and Jackie started their greatest journey.

“Our greatest joy in opening the store was also our greatest trial,” Jackie says. “Becoming your own boss is the dream of every entrepreneur. It has been very rewarding, but taking that leap of faith in the beginning is very scary. There are always unknowns when it comes to things like customer traffic, the economy and even our own choices. No one is perfect, we sometimes make mistakes. But that’s part of owning your own business. There are many lessons to learn from. You have to take the good with the bad, otherwise you won’t appreciate the good.”

Creating an atmosphere of peace that their customers could step into to escape the fast-paced world outside, Scott and Jackie finally built the store they dreamed of. Customers often tell them that Take Root brings a little bit of Nashville to Greenwood. They hope that the store gives customers a peace of mind as they shop, and that the customers can take some of Take Root’s peace with them to their homes.

Having lived in Greenwood for three years now, Scott and Jackie have fallen in love with the community of customers and neighbors they have acquired.

“We were able to get to know our core customer base so much better and on a more personal level,” Jackie says. “They have become our family over the years. We see our neighbors in the shop, and it’s an awesome feeling to know that we’re doing something good for the community.”

Striving to grow the Greenwood community, Scott and Jackie make every effort to grow their customer relations. Take Root is an amazing store to shop at, especially for people who want to shop local. Growing the community is what Take Root is all about.

Scott and Jackie continue to deliver quality customer service day after day at Take Root. With the community of friends they have built up in Greenwood, there is no telling how far they will go.

“Thank you for supporting us for 21 years, we greatly appreciate it and look forward to growing with you,” Jackie says.

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