Greenwood 2017 Mom of the Year Finalists

You’ve sent in your nominations, and now it’s time to decide the Mom of the Year! The following are finalists for 2017 Greenwood Mom of the Year. Visit to cast your vote for the winner. The deadline to vote is April 15, and you can vote once daily until then.

Kea Bandy

Nominated by Cris Cummings, who says:

Kea is a full-time mom. She has three boys: 6, 4 and 2. Her 4-year old is on the autistic spectrum, her 2-year old was born prematurely and was in Riley for his first two months. He has Hydrocephalous. He has had five brain surgeries before he was even a year old. Throughout all her care for her boys, all the doctor appointments, Riley appointments, she home schools and is an educator in the homeschool community. She keeps a tidy home, well-fed and home cooked meals for her family. And she finds time to make handmade quilts. She uses these as gifts for newborns. She is getting ready to start quilting for Riley in the Nic-U for all the babies. I could not have imagined this is how her life would be filled each and every day, but she is our daughter and a great mom!

Kim Myers

Nominated by Karen Melvin, who says:

Kim and my son, David, are parents and care givers to my grandson, Nicholas. He is 19 years old. He was born with an extremely rare genetic syndrome that is coupled with various other medical issues. Nicholas has been intravenously fed for the past three years, which needs 24/7 care. His parents cannot go many places or vacations. Caring for Nicholas is their passion out of deep love. God knew that Nicholas would have the best care with them. Nicholas is a joy to anyone who meets him, and his parents are remarkable people with gentle spirits. Kim even has to sleep with Nicholas to keep him from pulling out his feeding tubes during the night. Kim and Dave are angels of mercy.

Renetta Hartley

Nominated by Cynthia Utgard, who says:

Renetta’s son (my significant other) is in the navy. This past October, we got stationed at the recruiting center at NRS Greenwood, this being the first time in six years he has been anywhere close to home. She hands down is the proudest navy mom out there. Wherever she goes she is wearing a Navy sweatshirt and telling everyone about her son’s service with a look in her eyes that makes you feel the love she has when she speaks him. She has flown out to Connecticut just to see him come off the ship after his first deployment. She has sacrificed so much to support him, and I know she deserves Mom of the Year. 

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  1. Amy Nuckles says:

    Kim Myers definitely deserves this she is the greatest mother I know!

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