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Photography Provided

An old friend has gotten a refresh in the Greenwood Corners area. Cinemark Movies 8, located at 1848 East Stop 13 Road, was recently renovated and reopened in mid-December as the all-new Cinemark Greenwood Corner. The longtime Indianapolis theater listened to its customers and now have amenities that moviegoers expect today.

“The movie-going public has been educated in how seeing a film can be a luxury experience,” says Bryan Jeffries, Vice President of Marketing and Promotions. “If we wanted to compete, we had to meet the modern expectations of our customers. We have done some cosmetic improvements to the theater over the years, but it was time to give it a really nice overhaul.”

The building which boasts eight auditoriums and seats roughly 600 patrons, now offers a first-run movie-going experience with extras for everyone. Regular seating has been replaced with luxury loungers that include heated seats and electric recliners. Beer, wine and frozen drinks are available for purchase as are items from Pizza Hut and traditional concession items.

“The theater has a long history in Indianapolis and long history in the company,” Jeffries says. “It was one of the first Cinemark theaters to be built. When it opened in 1990, it introduced the concept of a discount theater with older movies.

“As the years went on, the Cinemark company looked at that business model and realized the strategy of a discount theater was no longer current. People today are no longer willing to wait to see a first-run movie to save a couple of dollars. They are now much more spontaneous.”

Although tickets are no longer the rock bottom price they were in the past, there are still plenty of special offers and days that customers can take advantage of. The regular adult price is $10 per ticket and increases to $10.50 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Children, seniors, students and those in the military pay only $8. All matinees are $8 and the first show of every movie each day is $6. On Senior Monday, seniors receive tickets for $6 but the best deal is Discount Tuesday where every movie, all day is $5.75. One adjustment to prices is a $3 up-charge for all 3D movies.

Cinemark also offers a two-tiered movie rewards program. By signing up for the free Movie Fan loyalty program, participants earn one point for each $1 they spend on anything in the theater. They have access to member exclusives such as advance screenings and can redeem points accrued for tickets, concessions and swag. For $8.99 per month, customers can upgrade to a Movie Club membership which includes one free ticket per month, 20% off concessions and waived fees when tickets are purchased online.

“Our prices for films are very competitive with other venues,” Jeffries says. “Cinemark customers no longer have to wait to see a first-run movie and they can view it in our newly renovated, comfortable theater.”

To purchase tickets online and for more information, visit cinemark.com/Indiana/Cinemark-Movies-8.

Cinemark Greenwood Corner is located at 1848 E Stop 13 Road in Indianapolis. You can give them a call at 317-882-2685.


July 27, 2020 at 6:35 am

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