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Seland Chiropractic Nauticus Wellness Center

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
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Seland ChiropracticAfter a difficult year, it’s time for people to start living well again. Dr. Trond Seland, a seasoned chiropractor who has been practicing since 1994, is the owner of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center in Fishers. He also owns the suite next door. When the former tenant retired and the space became vacant, Seland thought about how he could best utilize it to be transformative for people’s health and well-being. Last year when COVID-19 hit, a light bulb went off. The mantra of the time was, “We’re all in this boat together.” It was a phrase that didn’t quite resonate with Dr. Seland.

“I’m thinking, ‘We’re in the same storm but not in the same boat,’” Seland says. “We each have our own boat, and the question is, ‘Have you conditioned your vessel to get through the storm?’ Because those who have prepared themselves well will get through the storms of life easier

An avid sailor, he came up with the name Nauticus Laser Therapy & Wellness Center, which opened in January of 2021. By utilizing laser therapy, he heals people with the power of light. He and his team started using laser lights several years ago for joint pain, herniated discs and degenerative discs, and experienced great success. Then the company that made the lasers, Summus Medical Laser, upgraded them with a design aimed specifically at treating neuropathies.

Peripheral Neuropathy, which is typically caused by type 2 diabetes, chemotherapy or trauma, is when patients can no longer feel their fingers, toes or feet normally. They experience a burning, tingling sensation that feels like they are walking on glass. Many neuropathy patients feel like they have a sock rolled under their foot. Dr. Seland still vividly recalls a chiropractic patient he had three decades ago who suffered with this condition. Though Dr. Seland helped rid the man of his back pain, the patient’s medical neuropathy treatment was failing. Over the course of several months, Seland watched as this man first lost his toes, then his foot, then his lower leg, then his entire leg. He ultimately died of complications from type 2 diabetes.

“I’ll never forget what I witnessed that patient go through,” Seland says. “There was no hope.”

Now THERE IS HOPE, as this Nauticus Neuropathy laser program offers a 90% success rate. Using the healing power of high-power laser light, Seland treats people with peripheral neuropathy. The program includes Summus Medical Laser, therapies and supplementation.

Seland Chiropractic“Treating Neuropathy the primary thing we do at Nauticus Wellness Center, as these are advanced treatments that tie in perfectly with chiropractic, because chiropractic is all about restoring the flow of energy between the brain and the rest of the body to keep the body healthy,” says Dr. Seland, who frequently tells his patients, “We’re going to Stimulate Healing with the Power of Light today!”

“They leave feeling lighter and brighter,” he says.

The secondary service offered at Nauticus Wellness Center is assistance with weight loss, which is a major benefit to overall health by reducing joint pain, stiffness and chronic weight-related issues.  A lighter body is typically a healthier body.

ChiroThin is a six-week, doctor-supervised weight loss program that can garner amazing results, with patients losing an average of 20, 30 and up to 50 pounds. Nauticus Wellness Center also offers Red Light Therapy for a variety of conditions to help patients with body contouring, fat loss, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, pain relief and mood enhancement.

“Hoosiers often don’t get enough healthy sunlight and florescent light drains one’s energy, but patients who used Red Light Therapy report having more energy than ever,” Seland says.

Voted top Indianapolis Chiropractic Office for the past 5 years, the team at Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center can help patients with everything from back, neck, shoulder and knee pain to migraines, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and sports injuries. All services on the Nauticus side are typically not covered by traditional insurance, so to help with the costs, they offer health care financing called Care Credit, which patients can utilize for neuropathy, weight loss or any laser and light treatments.

“If you look at a person like they’re a ship, how do you improve how well it gets through the storm?” Seland says. “Because more storms are coming. You have to take care of your vessel to get through the next storm, and we will be there to help you do it with the Power of Light!”

Nauticus Wellness Center can be found online at NauticusLaser.com. Seland Chiropractic Nauticus Wellness Center is located at 7350 Village Square Lane in Fishers. For more information, call 317-598-1410 or visit selandchiropractic.com.

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