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Nationwide Treasure-Hunting Game Headed to Indiana

Dirk Gibson and his Treasure Game$ (TG) have been changing lives for the better and now he’s about to bring that same energy to Indiana. Starting August 1, people in five midwestern states – including Indiana – will be able to play to win $200,000.

Gibson’s TG platform puts thousands of people on the road in search of a Wish Lamp – a real lamp worth a lot of money.  Last March a couple from New Mexico, Ron Novak and Michelle Bush, became the only winners.

Dirk Gibson with Ron Novak and Michelle Bush, who won the game

They found the lamp in Dallas, Texas, using a clue from a “Seinfeld” episode. They had an option of winning $1 million in cash, or three wishes worth $1.2 million. They opted for the three wishes.

Gibson said he loves being able to help people with his game. TG provides live-action, tech-driven, real-life treasure-hunting games and entertainment.

“It is a little surreal when you change someone’s life in a significant way through something you created,” Gibson said. “For me, I was so happy for them and so touched by how much it impacted their lives in a way that is life altering.”

Gibson enjoys seeing TG change lives by creating a great life adventure while making folks’ dreams come true. This game is the first of its kind – a nationwide, high-value, live-action treasure-hunt experience.

“The Region Indiana is in activates on August 1, and the lamp that will be found is worth $200,000,” he said. “The Day 1 Poem will come out on Launch Day, and if someone deciphers it, they could find the Lamp on the first day.”

Gibson noted that two clues are released every day after that, until the Lamp is found.

“All of the states in that region will be the inspiration for the clue creators initially,” he said. “Then the clues will start narrowing down to the Lamp location state and area within the state, as time goes on in the treasure-hunt season. For Region 4, there is a $200,000 payment, not $1 million, as three wishes do not come with this region.”

Region 4 also includes Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Gibson is an award-winning producer of the History Channel’s “Mountain Men,” and the “Young Guns” series. He has also built and operated successful companies in travel, adventure, health care, real estate, risk management, and entertainment.

Gibson found inspiration by wanting to help people.

“I wanted to build a better model for spreading wealth than the lottery, where every day people had a real shot at winning life-changing money all the time by using skill and hard work to increase their odds of winning,” he said.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Where and when do you download it to play can you get it before it starts

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