Security Cameras at Geist Harbours Keeps Community Safe

Writer  /  Matt Keating

In 2014, the Geist Harbours Property Owners Associations (GHPOA) started a new Security Committee to augment police patrols with surveillance cameras at major intersections leading in and out of neighborhoods. Several cameras were installed to watch the community.

The committee worked closely with Geist Patrol and the Indianapolis Police Department to identify the best practices and vendors to install and maintain an effective video surveillance strategy.

Brian Funk, with the GHPOA Security Committee, said the committee, in collaboration with Geist patrol, made a decision to start small and place cameras carefully.

“We began with three cameras for phase one,” Funk said, “with two fixed cameras at both FCI (subdivision) entrances at 79th and Courageous Drive, and another at Halyard Way and Fox Road, and one four-way fixed camera at the intersection of Admirals Point Drive and Oaklandon Road and the Admirals Sound entrances.

“This allows Geist Patrol opportunities to figure out how to best use them, before expanding the program,” he added. “The cameras are all working, and all data goes to a server in the Geist Patrol sub-station. Geist patrol can also access real time data in cars on laptop computers if they are needed in an emergency.”

To date, there have not been any law enforcement requests, and only one homeowner request to have footage reviewed, Funk noted.

“To review the footage, there has to be a report filed with IMPD, and a case number assigned, before footage can be accessed by Geist Patrol,” Funk said. “Video surveillance at GHPOA entrance points has the ability to capture vehicles entering and exiting the neighborhood. In many cases, such monitoring footage can prove to be of primary importance in identifying and prosecuting criminals.”

It also helps residents feel safer as the mere sight of security cameras can stop thieves.

Kirsten Kenney, Indianapolis, said she is pondering a move to Geist Reservoir, and believes the security cameras are a great idea.

“They are easy to install and can be placed anywhere, as long as there is a power source nearby,” Kenney said. “I like the fact that they are there as a deterrent from something happening before a potential problem occurs.

“I feel very comfortable knowing the cameras are there to make me feel safer.”

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  1. jack simpson says:

    This is for the association. I notified you about 10 days age about a home n the corner of stormhaven way on the left. It looks like a used car lot he also had a riding lawn mower. different times he has 2 or three cars.all with for sale signs. IF this is the wrong person to tell this to I couldn't find the right one. .

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