Donut Wars Round 1: Tim’s Bakery Backs Up the Hype

Tim and Karen Fontaine talk to Tom Britt during the first stop of the Donut Wars. Watch the full video.

One of the most talked about donut shops in Geist delivered a first round TKO to our Donut War judges. Tim’s Bakery in McCordsville, noteworthy for the line of people waiting outside to get the hot “out of the oven” donuts, delivered a one-two punch of deliciousness and family-style service that set the bar for the next three rounds.

Owners Tim and Karen Fontaine met at Tim’s first donut shop at Purdue University. Karen went from employee to Mrs. Fontaine and they decided to move back to Tim’s hometown of McCordsville. They purchased the building behind their home facing Pendleton Pike (or West Broadway if you are from McCordsville), bought some equipment, and put a sign in the window for Tim’s Bakery. Twenty years later, Tim’s has become the unofficial capital of the Town of McCordsville. With lines of people longer than the BMV around the corner, Tim’s attracts locals and donut aficionados from all around.

During a live video webcast, Neal Moore and I talked to various customers, die hard fans, and impartial judges to get a feel for the donut mecca. “My friends from Avon drive over here once a month to get these donuts,” commented one local standing in line. When asked about the Donut Wars pitting four local donut shops against each other, several visitors asked, “Are there other donut shops at Geist?”

One family waiting in line lived just down the road but had never sampled Tim’s. “We always go to Long’s Bakery but seen [sic] the signs (we plastered an and banner on the building for the morning) so decided to give this a try.” After their 10 minute wait and at least a half-dozen donut holes later, Tim’s had more raving fans.

“I’m not worried about being the best donut, I just want to make our customers happy, that’s it,” said Tim humbly as he demonstrated the twisting of a tiger tail, one of their most requested speciality donuts. His son Justin was more into the spirit of the competition, measuring the coveted “Donut Wars Cup” provided by Geist Jewelers for a display shelf. “I’m thinking about putting it on a shelf behind the counter,” he said with an air of confidence.

Town of McCordsville’s Town Manager Tonya Galbraith stopped by to show her support. Donning an American flag blouse, Tonya was celebrating Flag Day and her birthday guaranteeing some extra luck for the hometown favorite. “People ask me all the time ‘where is McCordsville?’,” said Galbraith. “I tell them it’s where Tim’s Bakery is and they all say, ‘Oh! I know where that is!’”

Judge Chris Tanner arrived with her husband Matt via bicycle, for the purpose of enjoying “guilt-free donuts.” And as if Tim’s Bakery needed any more luck, seminary student Rob Hart delivered a blessing during the live webcast.

Many thanks to the Fontaine family for their hospitality and patience as we took over their small dining area. We also want to thank our judges who are giving up their time and waistlines to judge four area donut shops. Your sacrifice for the greater good of Geist is not going unnoticed.

Watch the video recap!

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