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Have you ever bought anything and after a period of time, you regretted it? I’m not talking about buyer’s remorse. I am the queen of that one, especially when I have purchased clothing items for myself.

What I am referring to is a large purchase—let’s say a new mattress and box springs. You go to many places and lie on many mattresses, trying to decide which mattress is right for you and your spouse. I equate it to jeans and swimsuit shopping. Neither is enjoyable and buying a new bed is just so cumbersome.

We made our decision. We settled on a plush Euro-pillow top and were ready for a good night’s sleep. Most mattress manufacturers or the stores you purchase from offer a 30-day trial. This purchase was made in September 2012. We enjoyed it initially.

Over time, the bed started to show signs of impressions where we slept. This was disappointing and I just assumed it didn’t matter and we were stuck. In the last six months or so, the depressions got worse and I would literally have to use my arms to lift myself out of the abyss that had formed to get into another position while sleeping. I was not getting a good night’s sleep, nor was my husband.

Just this past June, we bought our oldest son a new bed. The men at the local retailer informed me that there are options to get assistance with the mattress in question. Now I had information I previously didn’t have, and that put me in touch with the retail outlet we purchased the bed from in 2012.

I talked to our original salesman and he referred me to their customer service department. The customer service department sent me the forms via email and we took pictures of the impressions using a piece of wood and measuring tape. The requirement was 1 ½ inches to have a valid claim. Boy were we surprised. We were right at the mark.

After finishing all the necessary documentations and uploading pictures, I sent the claim back via email. We went out of town for the 4th of July and then to California for vacation. When I came back, I inquired and found out our claim was approved.

I was pleased to tell my spouse that we could get a new mattress. Lucky for us, the style we had was discontinued so we were able to pick out an entirely new mattress. Back to testing multiple mattresses…but at least there were fewer because it had to be from the same manufacturer and only in this particular store.

The mattress was delivered today. I’ll post an update on my blog. The lesson I learned from this experience is not to be discouraged, and to ask questions. What’s the worst thing that could happen? We’d be stuck with the product. The best? A good night’s sleep waiting for us.

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