I Tre Mori

Italian Restaurant Serves Up Authentic Pizza, Pasta & More

Writer / Renee Larr
Photographer / Sam Zachrich

I Tre MoriMany countries throughout history have their own iteration of pizza, but the type of pizza many Americans have come to know and love is uniquely Italian. It gained popularity in the 1940s when Italian immigrants brought their creation to the masses. 

Restaurateur Sam Chamsine grew up in Italy and brought classic Neapolitan-style pizza to Fishers. Chamsine and his two partners, Isadore Gurnell and Martin Ledwaba, opened I Tre Mori in March of 2021. Gurnell and Ledwaba also hail from Italy. The restaurant and wine bar features pizza, pasta and desserts with classic Italian ingredients. 

“I bring 31 years of experience in the restaurant industry,” Chamsine says. “The menu is pretty simple, really. It’s very authentic though. It’s what you would eat in Italy.”

The wood-fired pizzas are topped with ingredients many might not expect on a pizza. Items such as eggplant, pistachio, walnuts, fig chutney, tuna and bresaola all find their way onto the pizzas Chamsine creates. 

“We are very focused on the quality of our ingredients,” Chamsine says. “We care about the freshness of the ingredients. Nothing in this restaurant is frozen. Everything from the marinara to the ragu bolognese to the lasagna is made from scratch under my direct supervision.” 

The wood-fire oven gives the pizza crust a crispy yet chewy texture. The partners sourced the MAM wood oven from Modena, Italy. It was shipped in more than 100 pieces that Chamsine, Gurnell and Ledwaba had to put together themselves. 

I Tre Mori“It took the three of us about three weeks to put this together over Zoom meetings with the company in Italy,” Chamsine says. “We also invested in a Smoke Zapper, which eliminates the oven’s wood-burning smoke without harming the environment.” 

The pasta dishes on the menu, created by Chamsine’s exacting standards, include Ragu Bolognese, 4 Formaggi, Amatriacana, Arrabiata, Alla Norma, Lasagna Bolognese, and Spaghetti & Meatballs. 

Additional offerings include traditional salads, appetizers and focaccia. Guests can choose from Homemade Tiramisu, Mini Chocolate Chips Cannoli, or Mille-Feuille, layers of puff pastry filled with Chantilly cream to satisfy a sweet tooth. I Tre Mori serves a large selection of wine and beer to accompany any dish on the menu. 

The restaurant’s name cannot literally be translated to English, but Chamsine says it pays homage to the three partners and their Italian roots.

“We’re unique in the sense that we’re not a franchise, number one,” Chamsine says. “There are a lot of restaurants with good food and good service, but what we do comes directly from Italy. We offer many years of experience with traditional Italian food. And, we focus on the highest-quality ingredients we can find.”

After living in Italy and Germany, Chamsine now calls Fishers home. He and his partners are excited to bring the flavors of their culture to a setting where residents can enjoy each other’s company and relax during these difficult times. 

I Tre Mori is located at 8220 East 106th Street, Suite 200 in Fishers. For more information, call 317-436-8739 or visit itremorifishers.com. 

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