New App-Based Delivery Service Gaining Momentum in Indianapolis & Beyond

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing

A new app-based, peer-to-peer delivery service is gaining momentum in Indianapolis. Roadie, a less expensive, more convenient way to ship items of all shapes and sizes, is also a fabulous way for folks looking to make a few extra bucks as it’s designed for those who are already headed in a specific direction to pick up and deliver items along their route.

“It’s similar to Uber and Lyft, but it moves things rather than people,” says Kelly Bailey, who has worked as a Roadie drive for about a year. “Let’s say you’re taking a road trip to the Ozarks. Just open up your Roadie app, plug in your destination, and find out if there are any gigs available along the way.” Accidents happen, call an uber accident attorney if you are a victim of a car accident as a passenger of an Uber.

Marc Gorling, founder and CEO of Roadie, got the idea for his app-based shipping company when he was working on a home renovation project and wanted to find an economical and efficient way to ship boxes of tile to his house from a few hours away.

“What if someone was already headed in this direction?” he thought. “If they were coming this way anyway and were willing to transport those tiles for a fee, we would both stand to gain.”

A customer who has an item to send simply posts a gig online or on their phone. Then Roadie matches them with a driver who is already going that direction. Senders not only save money on shipping but on not having to box or package their items. Plus, they enjoy personalized pick-up and delivery service.

Bailey notes that Roadie is a great way to earn extra cash when you’re going on vacation. It’s also ideal for college students who need extra bucks for books or coffee or retirees who may appreciate making a little extra dough during their post-career travels.

“It’s not a full-time job, by any means, but it’s a convenient way to make some extra cash,” says Bailey, noting that thanks to money earned from Roadie, her daughter will graduate from Purdue this year debt-free. “I’m hyped about the service — not just for the company but also for the community. There are many opportunities for residents in Indianapolis to make money driving for Roadie.”

For those interested in becoming a driver, all it takes is to sign up, create gig alerts and make offers on gigs you can take. Convenient and easy, drivers set their own schedule and earn rewards such as roadside assistance and free food from Waffle House.

Cost for shipping items is calculated based on weight of the item and distance traveled. Most local gigs will cost between $8 and $50, while long-distance gigs with oversized items may cost up to $650. Shipping pets is more but Roadie uses people who are certified to deliver animals cross-country and who make frequent stops along the way to feed, exercise and provide extra TLC to their precious cargo.

“Anything that’s hard to ship you can move with Roadie — furniture, televisions, bikes, golf clubs,” Bailey says. “We do everything but haul vehicles.”

The Roadie app is available for download in the iTunes Store and on Google Play. For more information, visit

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