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Jill Lehman’s new Fishers business has been in the headlines since it opened in January. High Frequency Arts has been described as an “art consultant.” Indeed, Lehman’s business does assist art collectors, businesses and home décor enthusiasts select and install original artwork. However, the “art consultant” description doesn’t come close to describing all that High Frequency Arts offers to the Fishers community.

When you learn more about the breadth of art services, experiences and opportunities that Lehman offers, a better description may be “art consultant, art merchant and local artist promoter.”

As a new entrepreneur, Lehman has creatively built a unique Fishers’ arts business model that cannot be described in just a few words.

Upon opening in January as an art gallery and event center, Lehman quickly realized the focus needed to shift, full-time, back to the consulting side of her business. After initially moving into a location off Maple Street in Fishers, she decided to relocate to a smaller studio at the end of February. High Frequency Arts continues to serve its clients and the Fishers community in unique ways.

Art Consultant

You don’t have to be an experienced art collector to enjoy High Frequency Arts. A business-owner enhancing their space, a resident updating their home’s interior decor, a designer serving a client, a person looking for a special gift or a new enthusiast exploring art for the first time are all welcome.

“High Frequency Art’s mission is to invigorate interest in art, ignite creativity and tune up spaces through the use of art,” Lehman says.

To fulfill that mission, the organization offers consultant services to help everyone explore, select, purchase and install the perfect artwork for them.

Lehman has found that businesses in particular are discovering the value of art more than ever. Some companies have enhanced their work spaces with art to help unlock creativity and engagement with employees. Lehman has collaborated with business owners who value how visual art can inspire employees by creating a unique work environment.

“High Frequency Arts helps to create engaging work environments for businesses so they can deliver on the promise of culture and inspire each employee to realize their maximum potential,” Lehman says.

Art Merchant

High Frequency Arts offers a variety of artwork and a variety of price points, generally anywhere from $350-$10,000. For a grand opening event in January, visitors had the opportunity to meet and chat with artists who are part of Lehman’s extensive artist network. This allowed each art patron and artist to interact, developing a relationship which adds to the artwork’s intrinsic value for the purchaser. In addition, one of High Frequency Arts’ services for customers is to execute the art purchases on behalf of the artists.

“We offer original artwork, not what you may typically find – which is mass-produced prints and frames,” Lehman says. “Everything we sell is made by the hands of artists.”

Lehman notes that other art merchants may serve customers as a framing shop, while High Frequency Arts serves as a connector between artists and purchaser who desires original and unique artwork.

Local Artist Promoter

High Frequency Arts ultimately strives to help artists’ careers and grow the local arts ecosystem. The business is uniquely poised to serve customers with art, by extending the artists’ exposure to customers. Lehman has created a large network of local and regional artists that she engages and promotes.

Every artist that High Frequency Arts features is a recommendation of sorts because Lehman and her team review and vet each artist first. Lehman encourages all contemporary artists to reach out to High Frequency Arts to discuss opportunities to partner together. She is always looking to grow her network and encourage commerce to advance local artists.

High Frequency Arts is a multifaceted arts business that serves the community as an art consultant, art merchant and local artist promoter. In addition, High Frequency Arts is also a locally-owned business, an Indianapolis certified woman business enterprise.

Recently Fishers’ downtown was awarded a Statewide Cultural District distinction and created a new Arts & Culture Commission. Lehman met with five members of the commission last month to discuss her company’s arts services and how High Frequency Arts will enhance the value of art in the community.

No matter what words are used to describe it, High Frequency Arts offers a special arts expertise, quality, value and service to the city of Fishers.

To learn more about High Frequency Arts, give them a call at 317-585-2787 or visit them online at

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