Crossroads of High Tech and Low Cost

Photographer / Belinda Russell

Geist area residents with high deductible insurance plans can now get affordable health care close to home at Gateway Hancock Health. Recently opened on the southwest corner of I-70 and Mt. Comfort Road, Gateway Hancock Health is a new state-of-the-art immediate care center with their own in-house labs and imaging services.

What’s different about Gateway?

For starters, patients receive a pre-visit estimate on their expected costs.

“We don’t want patients to be surprised by their health care costs,” says Jenn Cox, director of operations at Gateway. “Patients will receive a pre-visit estimate so that they know exactly how much to expect for services rendered, and our health advocates will be available to assist patients in need of a payment structure.”

Gateway also offers “Save Your Spot” scheduling through its website, giving you the ability to check-in online for an immediate care appointment and get alerts to insure a timely visit.

“We have patients that don’t feel well and don’t want to sit in a waiting room,” says Samantha Rausch, Family Nurse Practitioner at Gateway. “They can literally check-in online, wait for their text alert and come straight back to be seen.” 

Imaging services such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds are all in-house as well with 3D mammograms and bone density testing coming next spring.

Another game-changer is their fully staffed lab which has the same blood and chemistry testing equipment as the mother ship, Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield. They can accommodate just about every lab test in a short amount of time for less costs. In the event a specialty test is required, Gateway merely sends it to Greenfield, but the patient still only receives one bill from Gateway.

Main Street

Behind the scenes, Gateway is not only high-tech and efficient but practical as well. A long hallway that stretches from the immediate care through the lab to imaging is nicknamed “Main Street” by Gateway staff.

“Once a patient comes into the immediate care, we can take them down for some lab work, get an x-ray or cast their broken bone all behind the scenes so they never have to sit around in a waiting room,” Rausch adds.

Hancock Health Family

Perhaps the biggest asset that Gateway brings to the health care space is its people. Talking with Rausch, it was one of the main reasons she came to Gateway. A Ball State Nursing School graduate with a Masters Degree from the University of Indianapolis, Rausch lives near Gateway and was excited when she heard of Hancock Health’s plans to create something different close to home.

“I started out as a patient taking my child to Hancock Health in Greenfield,” she says. “I always found the people to be so personable and caring. Now, I get to work here and experience it firsthand. We get so much encouragement and support from Jenn (Cox) and our CEO Steve Long, it’s unlike anything I’ve experienced in health care.”

Certainly, Gateway Hancock is pioneering a new retail health care movement, catering to the needs of the community with cutting edge technology and lower cost.

Gateway Hancock Health is located t 6189 W. John L. Modglin Dr. in Greenfield (Southwest corner of I-70 and Mt. Comfort Road). You can give them a call at 317-866-7300 or visit them online at for more information.

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