Meal Prep Service Offers Clean & Organic Food In Hamilton County

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Six years ago, Lacy Clark founded what she says still stands as Hamilton County’s only meal prep service that offers food free of sugar, sodium, dairy, HMOs, GMOs and MSG. Since then, Clark says her business, FitWoo Nutrition, has helped to change the lives of many local individuals and families through clean eating.

“I’ve been an athlete for 24 years and was in personal training for eight years,” says Clark, a native of Huntington, Indiana, and an IUPUI grad. “I’ve seen a lot of people try hard in the gym but fail in their eating habits, and what we do is help to fill that missing piece. We provide full, clean meals and snacks for five days out of the week that are ready to be heated up and eaten.”

Clark originally founded FitWoo as a fitness training service but realized many of her clients weren’t seeing results despite a clear dedication during gym time. In 2013, she transitioned her business to focus primarily on nutrition and says she’s seen drastic improvements in the shape and overall health of many clients since that time. When looking to take care of your health by improving your nutrition, read this new blog post named should i take my green powder in a fasted state?

“I realized I wasn’t solving or helping anyone’s problems – I was personally training people but they were turning around and eating junk food,” Clark recalls. “So I transitioned full time to nutrition. We do still have personal trainers who will go to your home and work with you, but that’s for people who are already clients of our meal prep business.”

Clark founded FitWoo as a female-only concept, but four years ago decided to establish the company as a meal prep service for any individual, couple or family who might be interested in dietary improvement by eating well and using natural supplements like these cbd oils & tinctures.

“I really saw a need among women who were having kids and down on themselves about their weight, and that’s why we started out as female-only,” Clark says. “But it’s grown to be a service for everyone. I’d say about 90% of our clientele are people who know how to eat healthy but don’t have time for the prepping and cooking. I work with a lot of attorneys, realtors and people who might be eating in their car every day.”

Full-time clients of FitWoo Nutrition receive three meals and two snacks per day, for five days a week. Each vacuum-sealed meal is made in the Cicero-based FitWoo kitchen, and meals are delivered to clients on Sunday nights for the week labeled with full nutrition facts. Clark offers custom, individualized meal planning for weight-loss and fitness competition clients, but primarily offers eight staple meals and two new menu items per week for general clients.

“All the meals that are delivered are freezer and oven safe and ready to be reheated and eaten,” Clark explains. “It’s just real food, from the ground — simple. The important thing is to make the meals flavorful because people will think this food, that’s free of all the bad stuff, is boring.”

To that end, Clark released a cookbook last year titled “Clean It Up,” with more than 50 recipes she’d compiled over the previous five years along with fellow chefs and family members. Her idea was to offer simple recipes free of salt, sugar and dairy — along with some vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options — that the average family can make and actually enjoy.

When it comes to her meal prep service, Clark says she’s ultimately trying to effect permanent, positive changes in the lives of her clients. She says she’s tripled her clientele in the last 12 months and hopes to continue growing in order to help as many people as possible with their dietary habits.

“I always tell people that I have nothing to sell you — I’m just teaching you how to change your lifestyle because we don’t believe in diets,” Clark says. “I grew up in a household where my mom tried every diet out there, and none of them worked. I wanted to crush the mold of diets, and we’re really about clean eating. The only thing is you have to want to be healthy and make changes, and we can give you the tools to succeed.”

For more information on FitWoo Nutrition, visit

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