Essential Wellbeings: Melissa Bunce

Writer and Photographer  /  Kara Reibel

Melissa Bunce grew up on a lake near Fort Wayne with parents who owned a book titled, “How to Raise a Scorpio Daughter.”

“They knew they had their hands full with me,” jokes Bunce.

Always a free spirit, Melissa has always enjoyed the outdoors and nature. However, it wasn’t until their youngest son Aidan was born that she was propelled in the direction of starting her aromatherapy business.

“My first essential oil that I fell in love with, I purchased in downtown Minneapolis when I was 23,” shares Melissa. “As a child, I was always drawn to smelly plants like lilacs, sage and flowers that had strong scents.”

Their oldest son, Ethan, has always been healthy. Aidan, however, experienced consistent ear infections as a baby with allergic reactions to antibiotics. Bunce knew she had to explore alternatives. She grabbed her standby rosemary oil and a few others and created a blend for Aidan. It worked. He hasn’t had ear infections since.

In addition to the ear infections, Aidan had allergies to certain foods, so the family focused on organic foods.

“A child with allergies created a perfect arena for exploration to see what would work best with his body,” says Melissa.

As a trained and Certified Aromatherapist who creates her own essential oil synergies and blends, Melissa offers classes on a regular basis to educate others on the safe application of essential oils.

“Melissa is an extraordinarily effective teacher,” says Beth Ann Krier, client and attendee of workshops offered by Essential Wellbeings. “After my first class with her, I knew how to get rid of my headaches in about 20 seconds. I could hardly believe it. I also learned to make a decongestant mist that really worked and a blend that sharpened mental focus. After a few other classes, I made a salve that healed the wounds on my friend’s hands (they previously wouldn’t heal due to her routine use of chemical processes on her clients as a hairdresser), and I came up with a mist that instantly improved another sister’s breathing.”

Melissa’s shop and workshops are hosted in her home. She is located across from Old Oakland golf course along Oaklandon Road. It’s hard to miss since they have a noticeable chicken coop visible from the road.

“We don’t get sick here,” says Melissa. “I create blends and explore what works, and same with my clients. We work with the ebb and flow of what’s needed.”

One of the facts Melissa shares is that essential oils do have a shelf life, especially ones from citrus. Also needle oils have a one to two-year shelf life and need to be refrigerated. “The oils do break down over time and change, so it is not a good idea to hold on to those that will degrade,” shares Melissa.

In addition to buying Melissa’s oils from her directly, The Playful Soul, Good Earth, Flourish Yoga and Angel Mama Health and Wellness in Cicero carry Essential Wellbeings products.

Beginning in June, Melissa will be at the Abundant Life Farmers Market every Thursday from June to September from 4-7 p.m. and the Market at Hague the second Saturday of the month from May to October from 8 a.m.- 12 p.m.

For more information on classes and appointments, please visit Her shop hours are posted on Facebook or look for the OPEN sign in the window!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Aw, thanks Kara Reibel for taking the time to do this and Beth Ann for sharing as well! Much love to both of you and to all the people willing to step into my little aromatic world! I am truly blessed to have found my path so long ago! <3 Melissa

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