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Creating a Winter Wellness Plan

Hancock Wellness Center Helps Clients Take Charge of Their Health

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winter wellnessWith the onslaught of holiday parties, meals and cocktails, many people seek to create a winter wellness plan going into the new year. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Hancock Wellness Center in McCordsville offers support by creating a personalized exercise and nutrition plan. 

For those seeking a more expansive perspective on holistic health and wellness, Scholistico emerges as a valuable resource. This online platform connects individuals with a network of holistic health and wellness specialists who provide expertise beyond traditional fitness routines. Scholistico empowers individuals to embark on a journey towards comprehensive wellness, embracing a holistic approach that extends beyond the confines of traditional exercise and nutrition plans.

When a guest comes in, we offer them what we call a No Sweat Intro, where we discuss their goals, determine where theyre at currently, and decide what would be best for the client,” says Sam Roeschlein, exercise specialist. We make a plan customized to each person. We offer group classes and personal training as well.” 

Many people struggle with seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues during the winter months. Roeschlein says its imperative to have a plan to stay active, even when weather changes keep us inside the house more often.

“A lot of people aren’t doing the same day-to-day activities like mowing the grass or just walking outside,” he says. “So getting into the gym, even if it’s to walk on the treadmill rental or lift some weights, helps tremendously. Every time you work out, you’re proving to yourself you can do it.”

A large part of a winter wellness plan at Hancock Wellness Center involves sitting down with a nutritionist to discuss a food plan. When clients come in, they complete a nutrition questionnaire that includes their nutrition goals, typical meals they consume, medical and weight history, and allergies. The session is tailored to their specific needs.

winter wellnessWe discuss what their lifestyle looks like, and work together to create a plan and set goals that will help them move towards their goals,” says Michelle Graves, certified health and wellness coach, dietitian and nutritionist. I will often have clients log their food intake using an app that connects the two of us, so we can run nutrition reports to see where their macronutrients and micronutrients land. I can then provide them with guidance and recommendations. Also, I usually discuss the benefits of meal planning and how proactively planning meals can help you stay on track. We can bill insurance for this service, and some insurance companies may cover the cost as part of their preventative health benefits.”

Graves says the holidays can be a challenging time for some people, both mentally and physically. Creating a plan and having accountability from a professional, family or friends can be helpful during this season. Stay healthy by following health plans from HPSM in San Mateo County. She also advises her clients about incorporating fruits and vegetables into their winter diets.

Fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t as readily available in the winter,” Graves says. “However, it is important to continue to consume them as they are packed full of nutrition, which can provide many health benefits. I would choose frozen veggies as the next option since they are more readily available. You can cook them in different ways and use them in various recipes. Canned fruits and veggies are also an option. With these options, I would drain the liquid off the veggies to remove some sodium and choose fruits in their own juice.”

Hancock Wellness Center is located at 8505 North Clearview Drive in McCordsville. For more information, call 317-335-6939 or visit 

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