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Teachers Volunteer for ‘Homework Help’ Sessions in Apartment Community

Hoosier Road Elementary has 12 teachers volunteering time to help students with homework in the Cumberland Crossing Apartment Community Room each Monday and Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. Principal Donna Meadows said as many as 40 HRE students live in the development, and the buses can easily drop off students with parents’ permission right at the site.

The volunteer teachers are from Grades K-4, and three usually work with students at a time. The rotation means each volunteer comes once every other week. Typically 10-12 students attend each of the sessions that started in early February.

“The homework help provides a great opportunity for students to have a homework-conducive environment—familiar teachers, a quiet room, plenty of space, access to school supplies and, of course, small group instruction/help. Many times it’s one-on-one,” said teacher Andrew Foreman. “I think it is wonderful that we can provide academic support to students free of cost with no transportation necessary.” Some parents pick up their child/children while teachers walk other students safely to their doors at the end of the session. “Of course, the kids would tell you the greatest benefit is the snack we provide!” said Foreman. “However, it also provides a nice, structured atmosphere for children whose parents may not get home from work until later in the evening.”

Kristen Armstrong and first grader Caroline Manuel use some visual clues to complete the problem.

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