Nauticus Laser Therapy & Wellness Center Creates Nordic-Based Suite Focused on Red Light Therapy

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Red Light TherapyNorway is known as a kingdom of water and light. It’s the land of the Midnight Sun and Land of the Northern Lights. 

“It’s like nowhere else on earth,” says Dr. Trond Seland, who was born in New York but his Norwegian Parents took him to Norway many times, where he spent countless childhood hours soaking in all the glorious goodness that the country provides, including hanging out in the quaint fishing villages and exploring the incredible pristine mountains. Even his name is Norwegian!

“I grew up playing in this wild wonderland,” says Seland, owner of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center located in Fishers. In February 2021, Seland opened Nauticus Laser Therapy and Wellness Center in the suite located right next door that offers Summus Medical Laser neuropathy therapy, among other things. By utilizing laser therapy, he heals people with the power of light. 

“Norway has the most amazing sunrises and sunsets you’ve ever seen,” Dr. Seland says. “If you could take all of that light and all that energy and combine it, compress it and stick it inside of someone, imagine what it could do!”

Many summers at dusk and dawn during his childhood, Seland watched the red color over the temperate dark blue waters in Norway.

Because of the northern location of Norway, the atmosphere acts like a prism, separating the longer frequency red light that we see during the Midnight Sun. “The bright red color of the sunrises and sunsets are the same frequency of light that is now being used for healing therapies called Red Light Therapy” he says.

Now he’s bringing his beloved country to his patients in a healing capacity by introducing a Prism Light Pod — the only one in the state. The unique red light therapy Prism Light Pod sits inside of a “Hytte” (Norwegian for “cabin”) to help patients feel as though they’ve been transported to Norway. 

Red Light TherapySimilar in style to a tanning bed (though you do not burn or tan), each session lasts just 15 minutes. The Prism Light Pod programming includes treatment for neuropathy, chronic pain, joint pain, weight loss, sports injury recovery and anti-aging. 

“It will shrink your skin, tighten up wrinkles and give you a little face lift,” Dr. Seland says. 

People often wonder, “Can red light therapy help you lose weight?” The answer is yes as long as the patient commits to living a non-toxic lifestyle. 

“If you live on beer, Ding Dongs and Twinkies, that weight won’t go away,” Dr. Seland says. However, they have a new weight-loss program that combines red light therapy with healthy eating that does wonders.

“People who [follow a healthy nutritional protocol] and come in three times a week for red light therapy and do that for 90 days will lose some serious weight,” Dr. Seland says.

How often patients receive these treatments is dependent on their needs. Some come in once a week while others may require a pit stop three times a week, which again involve quick 15-minute sessions.

“I have chronic joint pain from all the lifting I’ve done over the years as well as some disc issues, and I come out feeling energized,” Dr. Seland says. “It’s like a battery charger for the body.”

Red light therapy is especially great for peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain such as joint arthritis. Many patients have even reported positive side effects from the treatment — for instance, relief from hand pain.

“So many people are typing away in front of a computer all day long so they get neck pain, hand pain, shoulder pain,” Dr. Seland says. “This is the best red light therapy for pain and it compliments our Chiropractic Care perfectly”

Each red light therapy session costs $50 though packages of three are available for $129. They’re also offering other promotions and discounts for regular chiropractic and weight-loss patients. Though insurance does not pay for treatment, patients can tap into their medical savings accounts.

Red Light TherapyNauticus Laser Therapy and Wellness Center is unquestionably unique. Because while you can go anywhere to see a chiropractor for relief, not all chiropractors can send you on a Nordic adventure in your pilgrimage for better health. 

“My success as a Chiropractic Physician has been that I take a structural approach to people,” Dr. Seland says. “I use X-rays like blueprints and I remodel them for a living.”

That remodel includes restoring hope to those who have all but lost it. According to Dr. Seland, many people have come to the end of their rope where their health is concerned. They feel stuck and don’t know what to do next. That’s where Dr. Seland comes in.

“I bring hope, light and laughter into their lives,” he says.

On January 12, the Chamber of Commerce official ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the Nauticus Laser Therapy & Wellness Center, with an open house to follow from 4-7:30 p.m.

Nauticus Laser Therapy & Wellness Center is located at 7350 Village Square Lane, Fishers. For more information, call 317-598-1410 or visit 

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