Two Overnight Fires in Fishers

The Fishers Fire Department extinguished two fires overnight. The first fire was at the Studio 6 motel at 8250 North By Northeast Boulevard, and the second was at a residence in the 6300 block of Stratford Drive. Both fires were relatively small, but caused serious problems for both structures.

The fire at the Studio 6 Motel started at around 8:45 pm in a dryer on the first floor. A guest at the motel used two fire extinguishers to slow the fire before exiting the building with other guests and staff.

The Fishers Fire Department arrived and was able to quickly finish extinguishing the fire, which was mostly contained to the dryer. Smoke from the fire filled all three floors of the building. Several additional fire crews worked to evacuate the rest of the motel’s guests and clear the smoke from each floor. Over 80 people were staying at the motel when the fire started.

Some of the evacuated guests were sent to the Holiday Inn Express lobby for shelter until the all-clear was given for them to return. No injuries were reported.

The second fire was reported at approximately 11:15 pm in the 6300 block of Stratford Drive. Jerry Walden and his family discovered smoke in their attic and called 911.

Firefighters traced the smoke to an area near the home’s fireplace, where they found fire burning in the ceiling. They were able to quickly contain the fire to that area once the ceiling was removed.

“It appears that there was a problem where either the fireplace flue or some wiring in the area overheated the cellulose insulation and caught it and nearby wood on fire” said Fishers Fire Department Public Information Officer Ron Lipps.

No injuries were reported in the second fire, and no dollar loss estimate was available.

Snow was a minor hindrance in both fires, Lipps noted.

“It was a bit tricky for our first engine to get into the parking lot of the motel due to the high-piled snow” Lipps said, “but they made it in”.

The second fire highlighted the problem of fire hydrants buried under deep snow banks.

“Our firefighters were only able to locate one fire hydrant, several hundred feet from the burning home” said Lipps. “Fortunately the fire was small enough that the water in our tanks was sufficient. Had this been a larger fire the delay in finding and getting water could have been critical.”

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