Scam Alert From a Local Place Resident

I received this email and I chatted with this resident about a scam being conducted in the area. Please read!

Attached is a list of White Van Speaker schemes that have been run and are still running. I know they are still running because I was dumb enough to fall for it….

I was hit in the parking lot of Casler’s Restaurant 3 weeks ago. 2 guys in a red pickup truck in a parking lot asked me if I wanted to buy a home theater system real cheep. They proceeded to tell a story about how someone screwed up at the warehouse and they were given 2 systems instead of one. They said that they would have to leave the speakers at the delivery, so someone is going to get some free speakers if they did not sell them on the way. He even showed me a HDTV magazine with an advertisement for the system which showed the manufacture sales price for the Speakers at $2,900 and the receiver for $2,400. Thinking it was my lucky day, I paid them $250 and off I went. Long story short, I bought $250 worth of junk. The brand name they are using now is Genesis media Labs (formally Theater Research), which most of the posts on the website link refer to.

Last Friday, I was hit up again in the Marsh parking lot at 116th and Brookschool (Gold Trail Blazer). And on Saturday in the Marsh parking lot again I saw the scheme being pulled on another guy. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who fell for the scheme as I watched another victim fall for the pitch. I am also glad I was there to tell the guy my story before he handed over the cash, although the “sells” people were not to happy with me!
You may want to let the residents that they are in the area. And remind then if it is to good to be true, its probally not true. I wish I would have known.

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