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Seland Chiropractic“Bring me your spine, I’ll make you feel fine!” Dr. Seland has been using this mantra for decades.

Staying healthy today in this ever-changing world is challenging. Finding a good doctor who can give you hope and direction is even more challenging. Headaches, neck pain, sciatica, post-COVID syndrome and peripheral neuropathy can be chronic and debilitating. Where do you go for answers?  Where is a doctor who can bring you hope, healing and inspiration? 

Enter Dr. Trond Seland and his Chiropractic Healing Team at Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center!

Dr. Trond Seland has been serving Fishers, Indiana with a unique blend of chiropractic and architectural influence since 1994. Originally from Long Island, Dr. Seland brings a combination of his chiropractic skills, photography and architecture influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, into his Living Well clinic called Seland Chiropractic and Nauticus Wellness Center.

Seland Chiropractic Center is all about Living Well, Naturally. 

“Chiropractic is the structural approach to health, wellness and vitality without drugs, injections or surgery,” Dr. Seland says. 

His unique vision that combines chiropractic with architectural structural analysis, gives Dr. Seland and his team the ability to translate x-rays and MRIs into understandable diagnostic blue prints to help unravel the mysteries of chronic pain. 

Thousands of patients have discovered the benefits of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center over the past 28 years. Patients are treated like family and consultations center around getting to the root causes of back pain, headaches, whiplash, numbness and neuropathy, effectively and naturally.

“Neuropathy is a difficult condition to correct,” Dr. Seland says. “Post-surgical neuropathy, discogenic neuropathy and post-chemotherapy neuropathy have few medical treatments.”

But Dr. Seland has found a treatment that shows great promise …. Light!

Seland ChiropracticDr. Seland began using light therapy in the form of Class IV Laser Therapy about eight years ago. Photobiomodulation Therapy (aka PBMT) uses concentrated laser light to stimulate healing at the cellular level. SUMMUS Medical Laser is Dr Seland’s primary tool for PBMT Therapy. It’s painless and creates a pleasant warming sensation during treatments. 

Red Light Therapy is another form of Photobiomodulation Therapy Seland uses to stimulate healing along with his adjustments. The Prism Light Pod is a full-body laser therapy that helps with chronic conditions like Lyme’s Disease, Chronic Arthritis, Inflammation and Post-Covid Syndrome (aka Covid Long-haulers Syndrome). The Prism Light Pod PBMT stimulates production of ATP, Melatonin and Nitric Oxide,  all essential for healing. Seland also offers a series of high-powered red light pads that are placed on and around the body for certain conditions.

“Each patient that walks in our door is thoroughly analyzed as each patient has a unique spine, health history and life story that brought them to us,” Dr. Seland says. 

He and his chiropractic team use a precise series of spinal adjustments to correct spinal vertebral subluxations. They chart a course to restore function to the whole body and vitality with progress exams that show results on x-rays. Subluxations interfere with nerve information transmission and are the cause of many patient health conditions. Subluxations can be translated as a “condition of less light” in the nervous system, leaving you in a state of physical and emotional darkness. And where there is darkness, we need to add light. Adjustments restore structure. Lasers bring the light! 

“Our facility offers so much hope to our patients because our experienced and compassionate staff have the tools and knowledge to meet the needs of so many in this complex world we live in,” Dr. Seland says.  

Dr. Seland and his team are accepting new patients at Seland Chiropractic and Nauticus Wellness Center. Call 317-598-1410 to make an appointment and experience “Healing with the Power of Light!” Visit online at or

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