Paula Lord, a studio owner, in Fishers has created a low intensity, joint mobility movement program targeted to the senior population. The program JOYful JOYnts uses brain balancing activities, eye acuity drills and joint mobility exercises to help the participant move easier,  and in less pain by getting the neural pathways communicating better.  As outreach, Paula had provided this class to a community of seniors in Anderson, IN. During the pandemic she then offered FREE zoom classes to any senior that wanted to participate. She had people from all over the country logging in. Due to the unique nature of the program and the needs that are increasing for seniors to live life in less pain, Paula and I (a Westfield Resident) created a Teacher Training Program and continue to expand JOYful JOYnts. The program still is being offered complimentary and is making a difference in the participants lives.
JOYful JOYnts is a movement program that utilizes brain balancing and joint mobility exercises to lubricate joints and remove blockages in order for the participant to become a more comfortable mover while enhancing their strength, flexibility and endurance. JOYful JOYnts exercises can benefit any age group and athletic level including/especially high-level athletes. JOYful JOYnts targets the 55+ population. These exercises are tailored utilizing chairs, at a low intensity level and at an appropriate senior pace. The program includes simple and safe brain balancing drills and joint mobility exercises.
Below are some testimonials:
“I have had neuropathy since doing chemotherapy and never could bend my toes! Today in class was the first day I could and also feel the bottom of my feet. I had to get off the call because I cried. I tried everything people told me to try (that worked for them) but NOTHING helped except JOYful JOYnts. I don’t miss a virtual session and do the recorded sessions throughout the week.” Judy Tucker, New London, MN, Cancer Patient, JOYful JOYnts Virtual Client
“Finding JOYful JOYnts has been one of those lovely experiences to come out of our sheltering at home. The first session I attended intrigued me and the second one hooked me! Yoga has never been a good fit for me, but I find that JJ gives me many of the same benefits while being fun, too. It’s amazing to discover the connections in my body and to find ways to maintain or improve my agility and lessen any problems or pain I might have. Thanks to Paula for being such a wonderful, caring and positive teacher! “ Katherine Pearson, Galena IL, Virtual JOYful JOYnts Client

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