Waseema Ali recently opened Storybrook Estate, a 10-acre property with a log cabin and an 1,800 sq. ft. barn here in Fishers.

Curate Your Own Retreat Experience at Storybrook Estate

Luxury often lies within the smallest of details. From the finest fabrics in clothing to the sleek design of high-end cars, it’s the little things that elevate an experience to something truly special.

For Waseema Ali, this concept was at the forefront of her mind when she stumbled upon a unique property in Fishers – Storybrook Estate. With a vision to create a luxurious retreat in the heart of the suburbs, Ali wasted no time in turning her dream into a reality.

Ali’s new property spans 10 acres and boasts a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath log cabin as its centerpiece. Surrounding the cabin are additional amenities that promise a high-end experience for guests. An 1,800-square-foot barn, two acres of wooded walking paths, a spacious riding area and a sensory garden all add to the allure of the property – not to mention the oversized fire pit where guests can gather under the stars, and the whimsical carved wooden bear that stands proudly on the lawn.

With Ali’s keen eye for detail and dedication to creating a luxurious oasis, the property in Fishers was transformed into a haven for those seeking a truly upscale getaway.

Storybrook Estate barn.

“When I drove up past the gate, the property reminded me of a rustic, personal campground retreat that you might see in California or Montana,” Ali says. “The cabin was top notch and high quality but needed modern touches. The barn was a creative space that needed a little brightening up.”

Ali took on the role of interior designer, updating both spaces with new lighting, fixtures and furniture. As she was renovating and knew she wanted to market the property as a zen-like retreat in the middle of a city, she pondered what to call it.

The 10-acre property features a 3 bedroom, 2 bath log cabin.

“When I visited the property I felt like everyone could create their own story, so it felt appropriate to call it Storybrook Estate,” she says. “It’s the perfect backdrop to create any story.”

Ali wanted guests to be able to choose their own retreat. Unique, indulgent add-ons are part of creating that perfect story when visiting. Ali wanted to partner with other local business owners to help others succeed. Guests can custom-curate experiences such as private dining with a local chef, sushi classes, private sessions with a licensed massage therapist or even a mobile petting zoo. Ali notes that if a guest can dream, Storybook Estate can deliver it.

“Wellness is also a luxury in my mind,” Ali says. “I offer custom retreats such as postpartum wellness, parents’ night out, a family experience with a child care expert, transformative therapy sessions, and group workshops, to name a few.”

The grounds provide the scenery to get away from it all, host a family reunion or rent for a group work retreat. Ali valued providing a high-end experience while also making it affordable. She says she wanted her pricing to be comparable to Indy’s local five-star hotels.

“Our local hotels are great, but they aren’t necessarily unique in their setting, nor do they transport you somewhere scenic,” Ali says. “Storybrook Estate provides modern elegance and rustic charm with gorgeous outdoor scenery. Plus, guests can dream up their own personalized experience based on their desires.”

Storybrook Estate is nestled off of Southeastern Parkway in Fishers. For more information, visit storybrookestate.com.

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