David McIntosh: A Candidate for the Republican 5th District

During the Reagan Administration, McIntosh served as Special Assistant to the Attorney General and as Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs.

With the November elections just around the corner, I started thinking about who most of us would choose as their favorite president? In my journey on this subject, I found that a lot of people had trouble answering my question. That is, until I presented the question to David McIntosh, who is among the Republican candidates challenging Dan Burton, who has held the 5th District Congressional seat for the last 28 years. Who will actually be elected in the primary and placed on the November ballot is yet unknown.

So who is David McIntosh’s favorite president? George Washington. This surprised me as McIntosh worked for another president, Ronald Reagan. He explained his choice.

“America has had many wonderful presidents, but George Washington to me was most of all a very strong leader. He was a moral man who dedicated himself to doing the right thing for his country and the people he served in the most turbulent of times. I’m a history buff, but history tends to focus most on the battles Washington fought and indeed his honesty. But if you really get into the character of George Washington, you’ll find a humble man who helped shape the foundation of our country that still exists today.” He added, “Did you know Washington turned down the opportunity to hold the title of King, which was presented to him by Alexander Hamilton. Washington also initiated the actions that would limit a president to only serve two consecutive terms.” His eyes sparkled with admiration as he added, “George Washington is someone whose principles I’ve always admired.”

The McIntosh family (left to right) Ellie, David, Davey and Ruthie.

David McIntosh is no stranger to American history, as you will find his name listed as a former Indiana congressman (representing the former 2nd District), who served 6 years in Washington. He chose not to run again and returned to Indiana as a private citizen. His decision was based on a campaign promise of believing in term limits. He kept his word of serving for 3 terms even though he was a very popular and well-respected congressman who had the ability to find common ground that brought people together to form solutions for difficult government issues. He also earned a national reputation as the leader of the regulatory reform movement.

So what’s behind his decision to toss his hat into the political scene again?

“Fear. I was talking to my children one day about how I felt America was really in serious, serious trouble. Looking at them as a parent and someone who has served in Congress and understands the system and how it should work, I couldn’t tell them that things would all work out,” he said. “It was a difficult moment for me,” he stated. “It was at this point in the conversation that I realized I needed to step up to the plate and get involved if at all possible. When the boundaries for the 5th District were changed and our home zip code was included, the phone started to ring with people asking me to consider returning to politics. I knew I had the experience to present positive options that speak to what needs to be done. America has to be returned to a pro-growth country; we need to lower taxes and reduce regulations that keep small businesses from competing. We must address the issues of health care and repeal Obama care as there is no way to manage it successfully. Our national budget can be balanced, but not on the backs of the poor and the middle class, but in a sensible fiscal manner that makes economic sense for the welfare of the American people at all income levels. It’s all doable. There’s so much more that should be on the table,” he said with obvious concern in his voice.

As the conversation continued, I noticed other people nearby listening as he spoke. All ages, sitting in Starbucks reading the paper, working on their computers, enjoying an early morning cup of coffee. McIntosh had clearly captured their attention even though he had no idea that others were listening. His ideas were fresh and his words carried the energy and clarity that is so absent in today’s political world. This is not a man who grandstands for attention. It is a man who understands the common fears that most Americans carry with them today. McIntosh is clearly running toward his fears – not away from them. That’s what real leaders do.

In America, we have been given the right to cast our vote for individuals who we hope will act on our behalf. George Washington was one such elected official and, if given the chance to serve in Washington’s political shadow, David McIntosh would very much like to be the person chosen to represent the 5th Congressional District in Indiana.

If he is elected, another positive would be his ability to hit the ground with an accumulated 6 years of seniority already attached to his ranking. Seniority is important in Washington because it enables a representative to quickly get involved with important issues and, the committees that will shape these critical decisions.

This I will especially remember about meeting David McIntosh: For a short period of time, this man gave a group of strangers in Starbucks a gift … that of hope.

For detailed information on David McIntosh, his Indiana roots, education and political qualifications, please visit him at www.davidmcintosh.org.

This advertorial is paid for an authorized by David McIntosh for Indiana.

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