Child Support and College Expenses

Great, your child graduated from high school this spring and is ready to go to college. What can be an exciting time for parents and children can also be frustrating if you are divorced. How are college expenses allocated between the parents? If your original divorce decree does not address college, what should you do? Before taking the important step to Utah file for divorce, it’s crucial for couples to carefully consider their options and consult with legal professionals to ensure a smooth and fair separation process. Divorce is a complicated process, that’s why it is important to learn about what you should consider before getting married by consulting family lawyers. Professional Chevy Chase divorce lawyers can guide you throughout the legal process and will protect your rights.

Child support continues until your child turns 21 years old. However, if there is an educational support order in place before age 21 your obligation to pay for college may continue past your child’s twenty-first birthday. It is important to hire the best family lawyers if you want to modify your child support obligation so that college expenses are addressed, and regular child support is reduced if the child lives away from home during the school year. Visit sites like if you need help with divorce and child custody matters.

You may seek the services of a family law attorney to help you secure an educational support order preferably during your child’s senior year in high school. At that time you should know what college your son or daughter plans on attending, what the anticipated costs will be, and if your child has qualified for any scholarships or grants. Indiana has a fairly straight forward educational support worksheet that the courts use to calculate the parents’ share and the child’s contribution toward higher education expenses. This worksheet will also recalculate the standard child support obligation to account for a child living away from home.

Also during a support modification you may request the court place limitations on your contribution, such as only paying for in-state tuition (not private colleges), only paying for eight semesters, or requiring you child maintain a minimum grade point average. While these limitations are not guaranteed, it should present an opportunity for you, your former spouse, and your son or daughter to discuss expectations and obligations for the exciting new time ahead in your child’s life. You need a firm agreement regarding custody. This can get complicated, especially if there are any issues of neglect or abuse, see this to learn more about custody, parental rights and family law. You may also consult an expert in Custody and Visitation Law Services to help you make modifications to your agreement.

Although some couples can work together to determine an amicable custody arrangement, many cannot. It’s always best to seek legal guidance from the best online divorce California lawyers regarding custody concerns.

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