Build Confidence Through Competence

New Interactive Shooting Range Teaches Visitors How to Properly Use a Firearm

Writer  /  Pat Carlini
Photographer  /  Hannah Switzer

Retired Navy SEAL Jesse Barnett offers a true to life experience with real weapons without live ammunition in a state-of–the-art training facility that, before now, was only accessible to law enforcement and military units.

The Milo Range Pro simulator can put customers in a variety of scenarios with real firearms that use refillable C02 cartridges and laser pointers. “I wanted to offer a real world experience, but in a safe environment,” said Barnett. “Unlike traditional shooting ranges, you are not buying tons of ammunition, and here you can practice drawing from a holster, which is an important part of the learning process.”

Barnett says he helps customers “build confidence through competence” when training to use firearms. The training is for anyone, from beginners to those with advanced shooting skills. “I see homeowners who want to learn how to properly handle a weapon, women who may carry a handgun and gun ammunition in their glove compartment but have no idea how to use it, and then there’s police forces who are looking for advanced tactical training,” said Barnett.

Indiana is a state where a gun can be purchased without any training and Barnett says that can be very dangerous.

“It’s irresponsible to own a weapon and never have any training,” said Barnett. “A lack of training can lead to accidental shootings, even death.”

Barnett served as a Navy SEAL for 15 years throughout Europe, Central and South American and the Middle East. As a fan of Greek mythology, Barnett chose the name “Poseidon Experience” because Poseidon carried a weapon called a trident, which is the name of the Navy SEAL symbol. He proudly displays his trident on his office wall.

When asked about his numerous dangerous, life-threatening experiences as a Navy SEAL over the years, Barnett says one experience always comes to mind.

“White water rafting in West Virginia,” laughed Barnett. “It’s amazing how dangerous the rapids can be!”

The Poseidon Experience is the first of its kind in the Midwest. It offers nearly 6,000 square feet with classrooms for instruction and a 2,000 square foot area for the digital shooting range. A variety of classes and other experiences are available for adults and children 12 and older. Children under 18 need parental permission. You can learn more at Visit the Poseidon Experience at 9402 Uptown Road.

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