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Gardening Nana

Growing up on their great grandpa’s farm, Max and Eli loved to climb the trees. There were so many different kinds of trees around the farm house and back in the woods. But it was the red bud tree down the lane that the boys liked to climb. The branches were lower and, yet, as they grew, they could climb higher in the gentle old tree. Back when I was growing up on the farm, my favorite climbing trees were the sugar maples that lined the lane.

Now we are selling the family farm, and we will no longer be able to climb those trees that trigger so many dear memories. Over the years, we have planted many trees in memory of a loved one who has passed away; and now we want to honor my Dad, the boys’ great grandpa. We have found a way to keep a “memory/story” tree close by; we are going to try the ancient art of Bonsai (pronounced BONE-sigh).

Right here in Center Grove we have a Bonsai master, Mark Fields. Next month, we will introduce you to Mark and his business, “Bonsai by Fields.” One of Mark’s bonsai is a group of maple trees in what is called the “forest style” of bonsai. The boys and I will try out a much simpler type of bonsai, but what a great way to cherish a memory in a living tree.

The Gardening Nana,

Nancy Craig

Nancy loves flower gardening almost as much as she does her great nephews and nieces. Her interest in gardening intensified while living in Holland and was perfected with Master Gardener courses.

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