Inaugural Soar and Sound Music Festival to Provide a Lively Backdrop for Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse

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In a celestial spectacle unlike any other, the 2024 total solar eclipse is set to grace the skies and carve a path of totality right over our backyards. What better way to celebrate this cosmic event than with the inaugural Soar and Sound Music Festival?

That’s just what JACS Production, LLC Co-owners Suzanne Fortenberry and Joe Burger have planned for all to enjoy.

The inaugural Soar and Sound Music Festival is set for Sunday, April 7, and Monday, April 8 at German Park. This event promises a fusion of music, gastronomy, entertainment, education and astronomical wonder, all against the backdrop of the eclipse.

“We’re excited to present this to the south side of Indy,” says Fortenberry. “While there are events taking place all over Indianapolis, this offers not only an unforgettable experience for your family and friends, but also convenience. People might not realize it now, but the ease of travel and parking and access to the venue is a huge benefit to the overall experience.”

Inaugural Soar and Sound Music FestivalAcross the entire path of totality, from Mexico to Canada, Johnson County and south Indianapolis will experience one of the longest durations of totality – over four minutes.

“German Park offers unparalleled viewing,” says Fortenberry. “Approved specialty viewing glasses are provided with each admission.We want everyone to be safely prepared to witness this historic event in all its splendor.”

At the heart of the festival lies its organizers’ commitment to entertainment and enrichment. With live music performances featuring a diverse lineup of talented artists, attendees can groove to the rhythm of various genres while soaking in the festive atmosphere. Food enthusiasts will be delighted by the array of culinary delights served up by food trucks, offering everything from gourmet treats to comfort classics. Beer and wine will also be available.

For those seeking a unique perspective, the festival offers the opportunity to take to the skies in tethered hot air balloons, providing a breathtaking vantage point. Games and activities will engage attendees of all ages. The evening begins with a Drum Down the Sound ceremony followed by a balloon Glow Up. The balloons will illuminate the darkened sky, creating an awesome visual spectacle and adding a magical touch to the evening.

Beyond the entertainment, the festival also aims to educate and inspire. An educational presentation about the eclipse will deepen attendees’ understanding of this rare celestial event, offering insights into its scientific significance.

As the inaugural Soar and Sound Music Festival unfolds against the backdrop of the 2024 total solar eclipse, it marks the beginning of a new annual tradition – a celebration of music, enrichment and community.

A portion of profits will be put right back into benefiting the community by way of donations to various nonprofit organizations.

“Being able to bring this festival to the south side each year is a dream come true for Joe and me – for JACS Production,” says Fortenberry. “While there won’t be a total solar eclipse each year, there will be great entertainment, immersive experiences and a warm sense of community.”

Visit for more details. Find them on Facebook and Instagram @soarandsound. Inaugural Soar and Sound Music Festival


Soar and Sound Music Festival – Music Lineup

Allie Jean & The Banisters

Anneliese & Ali

Clayton Lewis

Dale Bitner

Jason Wells Band

Levi Riggs

Pushing Daisy’s Band

Rebekah Meldrum Band

Ricki Comeaux

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