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Making it Personal

Eric Habig and Tim Cochren are both born-and-raised Indiana guys who share a passion for law and helping people. Early in their careers, Habig and Cochren worked at an Indianapolis-based law firm called Scopelitis, the nation’s largest transportation law firm.

“I cut my teeth on trucking law, but decided to leave that behind in 2017 to join a couple buddies in Columbus to focus on personal injury and wrongful death on the plaintiff’s side,” Habig says.

Cochren, too, longed to switch gears, as working at Scopelitis just never felt like the right fit for him.

“I had this feeling in my gut where I knew I wanted to be a lawyer who helped bring hope and justice to real people when they were experiencing some of worst situations of their life,” Cochren says. “I wanted to do work that was meaningful to me and have a career in a firm where I could have real ownership.”

When Cochren reached out to his friend and former colleague, Habig, to chat, the timing was perfect. In August 2023 the pair decided to start a new firm, Habig Injury Law, which focuses exclusively on personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, products liability and elder-abuse cases.

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Father-daughter team of Eric and Carys Habig.

If someone has been injured due to the negligence of someone else, we will help that person or that family recover fair compensation. We can also help if they need life care plan rebuttal.

Three months later they moved the firm from Columbus to Center Grove. In February 2024 they opened a second office in Bloomfield so they could focus even more on their markets in south-central and southern Indiana.

Habig lives in Center Grove with his wife, Jane, and three children, Marin, 22, Carys, 18, and Charlie, 17. Cochren and his wife, Cassey, have a son, Theo, 4, and are foster parents to three young sisters.

Habig and Cochren never question if they are on the right path. It’s clear they are just where they should be, based on daily interactions with their clients.

“The last project I had with Scopelitis, I helped save a huge trucking company $3 million on some taxes in New York, and they complained about my $10,000 bill,” Cochren says. Here, I helped a young couple on a small case, but it was a big case to them. After the case was finished I received the nicest thank-you letter I’ve ever gotten in my life. This reaffirms that this is what we are supposed to be doing – fighting insurance companies and corporations on behalf of real people.

Although they have cases all over Indiana and in several other states, they hope to grow their presence in Center Grove, a community that cares. The law partners feel a symbiotic relationship with Center Grove as they, too, want to give back to the community.

Habig Injury Law is located at 2020 South State Road 135, Suite 203 in Center Grove.

Therefore, they donate a minimum of 2.5% of their annual revenue to charities – particularly those that focus on helping children, foster families, teachers/schools and local sports programs. They call it “compassionate capitalism” because while they want to do well in their firm, they also want to positively impact the community. They accomplish this in a number of ways. For instance, they have partnered with the Center Grove Sports Network, and during the basketball season, the firm agreed to donate $3 to the Center Grove High School athletic department for every three-pointer that the girls or boys teams hit in broadcast games.

“We were happy to see a lot of threes go down,” Habig says. “We’ll be presenting a check to the athletic department in the next few weeks.”

They plan to do something similar for softball, baseball and football seasons. In addition, they want to show appreciation to teachers, so they are working on plans to donate an Amazon gift card to one teacher at each of the Center Grove schools once per month.

“My mom, Twyla Habig, was a teacher in Center Grove schools for 35 years,” Habig says. “I owe so much to her. She taught me and my brother so many lessons, but perhaps most importantly she taught us to treat people of all walks of life equally and fairly. I try to use this in how I interact with our clients.”

“Eric and I believe strongly that we are where we are, professionally and personally, because of a lot of people in our lives who have helped pull us up and push us,” Cochren says. “We want to do that for other people.”

They also give to groups such as Foster Fairies that support foster programs, not just to provide clothes, food, and Christmas gifts, but also to provide support for foster families.

Through working with the trucking defense firm, Habig and Cochren bring a unique skill set to a small firm.

“We try to be humble and serve others well,” Cochren says. “We give our clients the best service we can, and while we can’t control the outcome, we can guarantee the service we give and the transparency of the process. No one will work harder than us. No one will care more about the client than us.”

Habig says the essence of what they do is storytelling. They get to know the client and the impact the injuries or death have had on them, then they tell their story to persuade folks. “We care on a human level about our clients, their families and their circumstances,” he says.

Habig Injury Law’s approach to clients and the litigation process has made them the trusted source for referrals for many attorneys and professionals. And they are not alone as they have a phenomenal team of paralegals who allow them to handle more cases than a small firm could typically tackle.

“We would not have the success we’re having without the support of our families and our incredible team that consists of Bianca Fernandez, Ciera Austin, Lyndsey Jacob and Carys Habig,” Habig says. “We would be lost without them.”

Habig Injury Law is located at 2020 South State Road 135, Suite 203 in Greenwood. For more information, call 317-642-3813 or visit habiginjurylaw.com.

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