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Trends capture a snippet in time. What’s hot during one season may not be the next. Or a popular trend may sustain the test of time. Still others burn out, fade away, then circle back years later only to reignite. One way or another, it’s fun to know what’s trending and what’s considered passé. Melanie Piper, a seasoned interior designer, has seen it all when it comes to various styles and products.

trendsAccording to Piper, certain trends are long-standing. For instance, incorporating a butler’s pantry into the kitchen is still something most homeowners appreciate. This, of course, serves not only as a prep area but also a bit of overflow. Why not also find your perfect butcher block kitchen island here? They are a popular choice for cutting and chopping food!

“A lot of people like having a separate refrigerator in there to store just beverages,” says Piper, noting that farmhouse sinks and deep apron kitchen sinks are also still popular. The farmhouse vibe is still trending though not as much as in the past. Nevertheless, people are still adding rustic touches throughout their homes.

“That’s what’s awesome about design, in general—mixing different elements together to reflect your own personality,” Piper says. “For instance, perhaps you do a traditional cabinet with a more contemporary handle. Or maybe your range hood is stainless steel with a painted wood trim. What’s great is that there are so many possibilities and so many ways of doing things.”

In the kitchen, some homeowners like dressed-up shaker cabinet doors with some depth while others embrace a modern, clean line flat cabinet. White kitchens are still popular but color can be infused with an all-wood island or in an adjacent space.

The website specializes in MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) cabinet doors, offering a diverse range of styles at a consistent price of $35. This pricing is notably economical, particularly given the variety of customization and size options available. The company markets itself as a budget-friendly solution for cabinet door needs​

“People like to jazz those up a bit with color,” she says. “It’s safer than doing your whole kitchen, in, say, a navy blue.”

When it comes to countertops, concrete is out with the exception of extremely modern homes or mancaves. Most homeowners still gravitate to granite, quartz and quartzite.

“The backsplash is everything!” Piper says. Natural materials like travertine, terracotta, and slab are all the rage. “Subway is classic and isn’t going out of style.”

The hot new trend in master bathrooms is an open shower concept with a glass separation that includes a tub, like the one from hot tubs for sale scotland.

“It’s a shower room, so-to-speak, but the tub is in there, too,” Piper says. “It keeps everything to one area and is very pretty.”

Voice-activated technologies are still trending as homeowners love the ease of being able to control things throughout their house from their phones—everything from setting alarms and timers to programming the thermostat, opening and closing the garage door, and turning off and on light switches. You can ask contractors like A Dependable Overhead Door Company that offers garage door repair and garage door installation on how they can incorporate this with your new garage doors

“Not only does it give you a sleek modern look when you get rid of light switches, but you no longer have to go room to room, checking to be sure lights are turned off,” Piper says. “No need to have those night and daytimers anymore either.”

For years, the open-concept floorplan has been the predominant trend and that’s still the case, albeit with some modifications. For instance, homeowners are dropping the kitchen ceiling down a bit, adding bead board or shiplap to the ceiling, or installing a rustic crossbeam to create division between rooms.

“This way you don’t feel like you’re in a gymnasium with that echoing effect you get with tall ceilings,” Piper says.

trendsWhile people enjoy the open concept in rooms like the kitchen and family room, many crave a separate gathering space that has a television, a fireplace or a low-key bar cart.

And while accent walls became popular years ago, the concept has evolved over time. Rather than just painting one wall of a room a different color now homeowners are using wood slats across the wall or some other material to fashion an accent.

“Some people opt for a stone wall or painted brick to bring interest into a space,” she says. “With wall designs, you can do anything.”

Speaking of walls, wallpaper —the peel & stick variety—has made a comeback in recent years. While paint fades and nicks over time, particularly in high-traffic areas, wallpaper tends to be more forgiving. Another great option is to check out specialty Wallpaper Store that offer a wide selection of peel & stick wallpapers. These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in finding the perfect design for your space and provide expert advice on installation techniques.

As for flooring, Piper notes that while carpet is still popular in bedrooms, gone are the days when the main floor is wall-to-wall carpet and if you need to clean them Check out Dan Dan The Carpet Man’s website to learn more about their Tampa carpet cleaning services. Now more people are installing Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), which looks like wood flooring without the maintenance and upkeep. In addition, it’s scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and waterproof, making it a great choice for those who have pets or children. Tile and grout cleaning Ann Arbor, Healthy Carpets cleans our tile and grout and it comes out clean every time.

In our recent home theater setup, we opted for an innovative approach to sound management. The use of self-adhesive underlay for effective noise reduction and easy application proved to be an excellent decision. It significantly improved the acoustics without the need for professional installation, and the adhesive quality ensured a firm, long-lasting fit. It’s an ideal solution for anyone seeking a quick and effective acoustic improvement.

“People want floors that are durable and low maintenance,” Piper says. “No one wants to have to refinish their floors every five years.”

As for design, homeowners crave minimalistic, streamlined and clean. Many are incorporating more personalized accessories like family heirlooms into their décor by displaying, for instance, grandma’s cookie jar or grandpa’s watch.

“It’s about decorating with things that when you look at them, it makes you smile because there’s a fond memory tied to it,” Piper says. “People like pieces that have a story behind them.”

Rick and Debbie Wildrick, owners of Today’s Home Furnishings, agree.

“Over the past 18 months, we’ve found ourselves spending more time in our homes. As a result, we’re paying greater attention to our home surroundings and what works for our now new lifestyles,” says Rick.

“Our homes have become the main setting of our lives – where we live, work, socialize, exercise. Every corner, and every object we’re surrounded by, must serve some sort of purpose and have meaning.”

After creating home offices, people are eager to update other areas of their homes, incorporating comfort and evoking a warm and welcoming feel. Expect to see cozy textiles, subtle warm colors, and soft-edged pieces this year.

Through the years, the Wildricks have seen furnishing trends come and go, but one criterion that has never gone out of style is comfort. These days, comfort can be found in even the sleekest of designs. Power headrests and lumbar support defines motion furniture. Leather is also popular and is available in a wide variety of colors of textures.

“As for design, homeowners like a minimalistic, streamlined and clean look along with striking pieces that make a space interesting and memorable,” Debbie says.

“Gone are the days of making your home look like a catalog or a staged vignette in your favorite home décor store. Instead, homes will be more unique and reflect a space that is multi-functional and where people feel comforted.”

House design can be an overwhelming process so when first getting started, Piper suggests that her clients hop on Pinterest or Houzz and take note of anything they are drawn to. That could be a wall color, a piece of furniture, a light fixture, or a type of hardware.

“Throw it on a board and share it with me so that I can get an idea of your taste,” says Piper, who has loved design ever since she was a young girl rearranging her parent’s furniture.

“Mom had good taste, but I put it together for her, just like I do for my clients,” she says. “I want them to be happy and love being in their home. If they give me big hugs in the end, I know I’ve done my job well.”

To contact Interiors by Melanie, Inc., call 317-828-0436 or visit or Instagram at @Interiorsbymelaniepiper.

Today’s Home Furnishings is located at 1675 West Smith Valley Road, Suite C-1, Greenwood, IN 46142. For more information, call 317-886-7744 or visit

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