Local Band Dream Slice Releasing New Original Music

Writer / Matt Keating
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Jacob Kinney, drummer for the band Dream Slice, says the band is excited about their recently released self-titled debut EP and upcoming album.

He says this has been an exciting time for the band, which is comprised of Greenwood residents.

“We released an EP last year on all platforms, and we plan to release a full-length album near the end of this year,” Kinney says. “We have unreleased songs that are going to be on it and new songs we’re working on now. We are very excited to present this to everyone.”

The songs on the album were inspired by many different ideas.  

“Most of them are inspired by what we enjoy listening to,” Kinney says. “We mix that with what we are good at playing naturally, and create our own blend of original music.”

Dream Slice is an R&B, alternative, funk and rock band that has garnered a large number of loyal, excited fans wherever they perform in different locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

During the summer, Dream Slice performed at many locations including Greenwood Park Mall, Ale Emporium in Greenwood, Kilroy’s in Broad Ripple, the Boathouse Kitchen & Swan Dive in Cicero, Harley-Davidson in Fishers, Ale Emporium at Geist, the Indiana State Fair and the Marion County Fair.

Kinney says the band works extremely well together and have formed a tight-knit group.

Peter LaMonaca is the lead singer and guitarist, Alex Poisal plays keyboards and synthesizer, Nick Sayre plays bass.

Members of Dream Slice have known each other since they were kids, from elementary school all the way through high school at Roncalli.

“Alex and I are cousins, so we have always known each other,” Kinney says. “The rest of us met in grade school early on, so we have all grown up together playing music and hanging out.” Dream Slice

Kinney notes that their similar interest and taste in music led to the creation of the band.

“We were really just bored kids with some time on our hands, so we started jamming together,” Kinney says. “Next thing you know we are learning songs and playing shows at a young age.”

Dream Slice loves playing cover songs, and fans also love them. “We are always learning new covers,” Kinney says. “It’s a lot of fun. We play a lot of live cover shows so we know over four hours of crowd favorites right now. We’ve played our original and cover music all over Indy.”

Moira Lawson of Indianapolis saw Dream Slice perform at the All IN Music Festival and was immediately impressed.

“They were very fresh and also familiar at the same time,” Lawson says. “They really perform well together and I love their songs. They were awesome at the All IN festival, and I felt like they really stood out from a lot of the other great bands that were at the festival.”

Nick Stanford of Center Grove saw Dream Slice perform at Ale Emporium in Greenwood, and thought they sounded incredible. Dream Slice

“I listen to a lot of bands and I feel like these guys are really going to go far,” he says. “They perform very well together and I just love their sound. I really want to see them again soon.”

The future looks bright for Dream Slice. “Our future plans are to continue to release new music and to play live shows as much as we can – continue to branch out and grow,” Kinney says.

Dream Slice is always looking for new fans. Kinney says you can listen to them on all streaming platforms and follow them on social media @dreamslicemusic.

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