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Center Grove Mom of the Year: Regina Miller

Writer / Cathy Wendorff
Photographer / Amanda DeBusk

Taking it one day at time, and just simply rolling with it, is how Regina Miller juggles her responsibilities between motherhood and business owner. Being selected as the Center Grove Mom of the Year by her community is very flattering to Regina.  Nominated by her youngest daughter, Kelly described her mom as a caring and loving individual, who always makes time for her family, while owning Geek in Pink Computer Repair.

Regina has been married to Ed Miller, an Indianapolis Police Officer, for 28 years, and she has five high-achieving daughters and three grandchildren, with another on the way. Sarah and Emily are both college graduates and have their own families, while the younger triplet girls Molly, Megan and Kelly are studying at IUPUI. Advancing through high school and graduating ahead of schedule, even in college, seems to be a tradition among all the girls. 

In 1994, the unthinkable happened when their second daughter Katie died at four months old from SIDS.

“It changes who you are forever but makes you more appreciative of every moment that you do have,” Miller says. “I don’t wear it like a badge, but you have to be aware that those things happen.” 

Regina learned at 23 to be resilient and spontaneous because “you just don’t know what you’ll be dealt.”

As a stay-at-home mom, she was known to be strict and held her girls accountable for their actions. She gave them room to make age-appropriate mistakes and had conversations ahead of time to explain the possible pitfalls.

“I tried to be training wheels for them, rather than driving,” she says.

They were prepared for the possible outcomes or consequences as they made their decisions. Most importantly, she is respectful of her children and honors their dignity.

Dealing with three babies at a time was challenging enough, but Regina explained, “My husband worked at night. I had to keep the girls quiet, so he could sleep during the day.”   

She also had a unique approach.

“I didn’t treat them as multiples,” Miller says. “They are three individuals, who happen to be born at the same time.” Molly and Megan are identical and Kelly is fraternal.

After years of repairing friends’ computers at home and with all her girls in school, she decided in 2005 to use her degree in business to open her own technology company.  At first, Regina was self taught, but she later became Comptia A+ certified along with all her technicians. Offering computer repair and data recovery at affordable prices, Geek in Pink will be moving from the Sugar Grove Shoppes to a new location across from Target on S.R. 135. 

It is no surprise, since her company has valued their customers, supported the community and educated many on how to use their technology, that Regina Miller would be rewarded as Center Grove Mom of the Year.

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