Business Spotlight: Bargersville Wellness

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Brian Brosmer & Provided

Bargersville WellnessFor nearly 14 years, Blythe Potter managed a spa in Greenwood. In 2015 she became a board-certified massage therapist. After finishing her bachelor’s degree, she earned her Master of Business Administration degree, and this is all in addition to being a veteran and having served in the Army.

Armed with years of experience, earned confidence, oodles of ambition, and a strong desire to make a difference, Potter teamed up with her friend and former colleague, Ashley Auld, to start a business together.

“Neither of us wanted to do this alone and we both had our eye on the same place to rent,” Potter says. They decided to go for it. Auld was adamant that they not leave Bargersville, which ultimately was a fantastic call given that Bargersville is growing rapidly.

In May of 2019, the pair opened Bargersville Wellness, a salon, barber shop and spa that offers massage services and yoga classes. The pair feel strongly that wellness encompasses mind, body and spirit, and that all are equally important and, therefore, should be equally nurtured.

When they first opened their doors, they had just five employees. Now they have 25 employees, 17 service providers, and are looking to expand their square footage in the next few months. They have eight and a half stylists (one is on maternity leave), four aestheticians, two massage therapists, four yoga teachers and a Reiki master. In addition, half of their stylists are dual-licensed, which is not very common. Three of them have their barber license, one has an aesthetician license, and another is lash-certified.

“A lot of our staff is invested in education so that they can take better care of their clients,” Potter says.

They want to nurture learning because they know that while beauty school teaches students how to pass the state board, it does not teach finance, business and taxes.

“It’s bare-minimum basics and then you get 90% of your training after you graduate if someone is willing to teach you,” Auld says.

They also want to nurture women in general. Unfortunately, the hair world has a reputation for being cutthroat. Potter and Auld want to change that by supporting others in the business and building one another up.

Bargersville Wellness“Why wouldn’t I want to help others by sharing my knowledge?” Auld says. “It’s about building relationships, not burning bridges. Blythe and I have connections with so many salons, barber shops and spas now. We have more friends in the industry than ever before, which is amazing.”

They also wanted to open a business that is friendly to all.

“If someone doesn’t want to support our business because we are LGBTQIA+ safe, then ‘Bye,’” Potter says. “We want everyone to feel comfortable, heard, seen and taken care of, whether that’s staff, clients or someone passing by.”

They strive to be a sustainable business and are proud to be a Green Circle Salon. This means they collect and recycle almost all of their waste including gloves, hair, foils and leftover color.

Potter, an environmentalist and vegan, calls herself a “big green nerd.”

“We can confidently say that we recycle more than 99% of what we produce, including food now that we have a composter in the building,” she says. “We maybe visit the trash can once a month.”

The majority of BW’s skin and hair products are net positive, as they partake in regenerative farming. This means they are giving more back to the planet than they are taking. Not only are their products environmentally friendly, but their clients have also seen vast improvements in their hair and skin since switching.

“With the growth of Bargersville and the way the Death & Taxes event is growing each year, we want to make sure we’re catering to everyone and that we use the space we have in the best way possible,” Auld says.

The growth BW is experiencing means they now have availability for new clients for hair, makeup applications and lessons (including for prom), facials, massages, lashes, yoga, waxing, barbering, and Reiki. So if you have any unwanted hair, Wax Me Studio uses hard wax for their waxing services, which is great for sensitive skin.

If you are interested in being a part of the BW team, contact Potter and Auld via email at  You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram @bargersvillewellness. BW is currently hiring a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga teacher.

“It definitely takes a village, but we appreciate and love our staff,” Auld says. “They are some of the most caring, compassionate people I’ve ever met. If one of us is having a bad day, all the loves goes into that person.”

They also feel a tremendous amount of support from fellow business owners in town, as well as clients and community members.

“The town is so supportive,” Potter says. “We have been welcomed with open arms.”

Bargersville Wellness is located at 17 North Baldwin Street in Bargersville, IN. For more information, call 317-458-0743 or visit them online at

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