I first heard the term staycation years ago and gave it a big shrug. Then, several years ago when my family and I were on vacation, the weather was grim and looking grimmer so we decided to head home early.  When the question of what to do when we got home came up, I could only think of our list of home projects that we never made time for, and a new tradition emerged.

Now we plan a project for each staycation. The first go-round involved reorganizing our workshop area, which has helped to facilitate many home projects since then.

Working on projects can quickly feel like simply completing chores, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be about reconnecting, rejuvenating, and appreciating the place you have made into a home. Read on for some staycation enhancement tips.

We have a movie playlist, for which we toss bedtimes out the window. Initially we played a movie each night, but that felt like too much for us so we now designate a couple movie nights. Sometimes we have a pizza or popcorn party on the floor while watching.

Movie nights are followed by big, late-morning breakfasts – the kind we tend to eat only when we are traveling, and certainly not the kind we make amidst our normal daily activities. 

A pitched tent makes a great escape, and blanket forts make great camping spots too. My kiddo even makes s’mores for a full camping vibe (via microwave, since we seldom do a campfire). 

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Write letters. I take this time to clear the blurry pictures off of my phone and find great pics I have not posted online. I print them, cut them, glue them to a card (a folded piece of paper is my go-to method), and write a fun note. Mail your letters to family and friends, because few things bring a smile to a person’s face like a festive piece of mail.

Organize a game night or talent night. Learn a new card game or invent a new one – my kiddo once merged two games into one with rules only he understood, and his magic shows were legendary.

Test a new hobby. With so many YouTube tutorials, it’s easy to find out what kind of hobby might strike your interest. I am still unable to knit, my animal drawings are more blobby than not, and my cookie decorating skills are adequate at best, but it is fun exploring. 

Get some exercise. We tend to take our neighborhood for granted in our normal day-to-day rush, but while in staycation mode the pups get added walks – and more time to explore smells along the way.

Take some music lessons. YouTube and a mobile app called Yousician are great resources.  

Learn a new language, or brush up on the language classes you learned in high school. Duolingo is an easy app to navigate, and more than likely offers a language you once studied or always wanted to learn.

Reach out and let me know your best staycation tips!

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