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homeIt happens to the best of us. We spot something in a store, fall in love, purchase it and bring it home – then, after a while, it collects dust and no longer makes us smile. It is easy to handle falling out of love with an item here or there, but what happens if that item is your home? In this month of Hallmark love, I have seven simple steps to help you fall back in love with your home like having a great living room with a sofa and a big TV, that you can install with professional services, of simple a TV mounting service, tvmounting.us has highly trained and experienced TV mount installers to cover all aspects, from demounting and remounting to final TV installation. .

1. Grab a bag. Walk through your home and find 20 items that no longer make you smile. Your targets are the items that are tucked away for no real reason. Be mindful, these must be your items and not items belonging to another family member (although I will give bonus points if every member packs a bag). Take the bags immediately to the car for donation. 

2. Repurpose with a purpose. Move your furniture around. Don’t let yourself be confined to rearranging in one room. Think big-picture – can a spare chair go into a bedroom?  What about a desk or two used as a shared homework or office space? Finally, look at the old dresser you have in your garage. Paint can work wonders – paint it a bright color and place it in your entryway as a storage station for mittens, hats, pup gear, etc. 

3. Add plants. I like to believe I have a green thumb, but I am pretty sure plants cringe when they see me coming. Over the years I have managed to find plants that are resilient and manage to look somewhat healthy in my home – with some research I am confident you can as well.

4. Tend to the small pesky items that annoy you. If you feel frustrated every time you walk past that crooked cabinet door, loose trim or torn-up screen, take a few minutes to fix them and you will remove the negative feeling that goes with them as well.

5. Use unexpected things to store stray items. I love a good bowl (a trait I am sure I inherited from my mother). In addition to being practical, they make great catch-alls, and when they are full, it is fun to sift through the oddities and start over. Check out nearby thrift and antique stores for festive bowls. I also love Mason jars – so much so, that I arranged a row of them on my bathroom windowsill and place makeup items in them.

6. Bring on the scents. I personally love vanilla. It reminds me of baking and it seldom smells too heavy. Place your scent in a candle warmer, and enjoy as it drifts through your home.

7. Add some art. This doesn’t need to be expensive – I personally love art created by kids. Explore Pinterest ideas on how to display art from the kids in your life – find one that works for you and brighten your walls and tables.

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