PROSE Nails Boutique: Treat Yourself

PROSE Nails Boutique is Ready to Pamper the Northside

Writer / Christy Heitger-Ewing
Photographer / Mariah Krafft

PROSE NailsIn the Spring of 2020, when the rest of the world was scouring the aisles for toilet paper and searching the web for sourdough starters, Scott Buchner discovered PROSE Nails Boutique, a new, nationwide franchise that offers manicures and pedicures with professional and licensed nail salon artists who provide a pampering experience. The more Buchner researched, the more excited he got about the idea of bringing this healthy, safe, beautiful nail salon boutique to Hoosiers.

The Franchise embraces a Membership Model that invites clients to pay a monthly membership fee for Unlimited nail treatments, combining mani and pedi treatments. Members can also use their Membership at any PROSE Boutique nationwide (there are currently 15 locations).

“This concept for nails is something that’s new and fresh to Indiana and frankly to America on a broad-level,” Buchner says.

This location, which opens this summer in Zionsville, will be the 16th to open and the first one in Indiana. Located within the Shoppes at Weston Pointe at 10895 N. Michigan Road, PROSE shares a brand-new building with Eat The Frog Fitness and Club Pilates.

“We gravitated toward this specific location because our co-tenants care about health and hygiene, just like we do,” says Buchner, who loved the location as it serves the greater Zionsville area as well as Carmel and other parts of the northside of Indy. In the future, he plans to spread the love by opening upwards of eight locations around the wheel of Indianapolis.

Boutique General Manager Suzanne Peterson is eager to build the brand and share it with the community.

“I’m into clean self-care, and that’s what this franchise is all about — a commitment to healthy, clean nails,” Peterson says. “People are paying a lot more attention right now as to what they are putting in and on their bodies. That’s why every product that we have in the Boutique is vegan friendly.”

PROSE NailsPROSE Nails provides gel polish and dip. They do not provide acrylics because of the toxic chemicals and fumes. All of their services and products nourish, renew and inspire.

As crazy as it might seem to open a new business during a pandemic, the timing actually worked out great because Buchner was given the opportunity of building it out COVID-safe from the get-go.

“As opposed to piecemealing plexiglass and basically putting duct tape on a fire hose to address COVID, we were able to build it hyper-sterile and super clean, making it safe for our members,” he says.

Many members who have signed up told Peterson that they haven’t gotten their nails done since the start of the pandemic. But due to the company’s commitment to cleanliness, they feel safe coming to PROSE Nails.

“One of the best parts about this presale process is that it put us in a unique position to build relationships with our future customers before we even open,” Peterson adds. “I’ve had conversations that have lasted 30 or 40 minutes where we talk about everything — our dogs, our kids, our lives; that’s really cool to be able to build those relationships before we even open our doors.”

By forming these relationships ahead of time, members provide constructive, proactive feedback, making them integral resources for how the Boutique is structured as well as the services provided.

Nail salons, for the most part, are a fragmented market without a lot of consistency, but that’s not the case at PROSE Nails.

“Outside of our Membership model, we’re also going to bring consistency through the form of technology with our app where clients can choose their artist, the time of day and day of the week that works best for them,” Buchner says.

“We’re looking to provide an experience, not so much a service,” Peterson adds. “We’re not about getting people in and tossing them out the door as fast as we can. We want people to relax, have a beverage and enjoy themselves!”

Another aspect that differentiates PROSE Nails from other nail services is the fact that they cater to families, who will leave feeling great.

PROSE Nails“We have a lot of family members who have already signed up — a mix of mothers and daughters, mothers and grandmothers & mothers and spouses,” Buchner says.

On June 12th, PROSE Nails plans to partner with Eat The Frog Fitness (ETF Fitness) as they host a Re-Grand Opening since they opened in February 2020, at the start of the pandemic.

“ETF Fitness will have a fun-filled afternoon, celebrating their Re-Grand Opening with community members and families from 12 – 5 pm. We look forward to sharing the parking lot with them and having our Boutique ‘show-ready’ for those interested in a Membership,” Buchner says.

Right now, PROSE Nails is offering an early-bird membership. Just pay $1 down to reserve an Unlimited Membership for $129/month to individuals and $259/month for a Family Unlimited Membership up to four.

Buchner recognizes that some prospective members are still on the fence about reserving a Membership.

“We understand and appreciate that because it’s something new,” he says. “We just want to say to those people who are unsure, we welcome you with open arms. Come on in as a guest and, if you like it, come back. If you like it enough, we’ll have a Membership ready for you.”

PROSE Nails Boutique is located at 10895 N. Michigan Rd., #140 in Zionsville, a prime location, making it one of the best nail salons in Indianapolis. For more information and to book your next nail appointment today, call 317-973-4100, ext 0 or visit

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